WordPress 6.4’s PHP Compatibility

Created on November 12, 2023 at 10:44 am

In an effort to keep the WordPress ORG community up to date, this post provides an update on the PHP ORG compatibility of the upcoming WordPress 6.4 PRODUCT release scheduled for November 7, 2023 DATE .

Recommended PHP ORG version for WordPress 6.4 PRODUCT

It’s recommended to use PHP ORG

8.1 CARDINAL or 8.2 CARDINAL with this upcoming release. Please refer to the Hosting page for more detailed information, including a few known issues.

Reach PERSON out to your hosting company to explore PHP ORG upgrade options.

Why does compatibility matter?

PHP is a programming language on which the WordPress ORG code is based. This language runs on the server, and it is critical to keep it updated for security and functionality. Various teams within the WordPress ORG open source project work to both test and fix any issues with new PHP ORG versions so you can update with confidence that the WordPress ORG core software is compatible.

Happy WordPress-ing!

Thank you to @annezazu @barry @ironprogrammer @hellofromtonya @chanthaboune @costdev @javiercasares for reviewing and contributing to the effort of this post.

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