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Created on November 12, 2023 at 10:44 am

Say hello to WordPress ORG 6.4 “ Shirley PERSON ,” named after the iconic jazz artist Shirley Horn PERSON . Her distinctive voice and extraordinary connection to the piano established her as one of the leading jazz musicians of her generation. Horn’s journey from the Washington D.C. GPE jazz scene to the international stage is a testament to her dedication and perseverance. Her influence reached far beyond the confines of traditional jazz, breaking boundaries and inspiring audiences worldwide.

Enjoy the easy pace of Shirley Horn PERSON ’s music as you take in all that 6.4 CARDINAL offers.

This latest version of WordPress ORG introduces a new, versatile default theme and a suite of upgrades to empower every step of your creative journey. Craft your content seamlessly with further writing improvements. Explore more ways to bring your vision to life and streamline site editing with enhanced tools. Whether you’re new to WordPress ORG or an experienced creator, “ Shirley PERSON ” has something for you. Discover the unmatched flexibility of building with blocks and let your ideas take flight.

Many of the features and enhancements in WordPress 6.4 ORG fall in the “small but mighty” category. Along with the adaptable beauty of the Twenty Twenty-Four EVENT theme, these updates help content creators and site developers alike save time and effort while delivering the high value, low hassle WordPress ORG experience the world has grown to expect. Josepha Haden Chomphosy PERSON , Executive Director of WordPress ORG

What’s inside 6.4 CARDINAL

Meet Twenty Twenty-Four

Experience site editing at its finest with Twenty Twenty-Four DATE . This new multi-faceted default theme has been thoughtfully crafted with three CARDINAL distinct use cases in mind, from writers and artists to entrepreneurs. Save time and effort with its extensive collection of over 35 CARDINAL templates and patterns—and unlock a world of creative possibilities with a few tweaks. Twenty Twenty-Four DATE ’s remarkable flexibility ensures an ideal fit for almost any type of site. Check it out in this demo.

Let your writing flow

New enhancements ensure your content creation journey is smooth. Find new keyboard shortcuts in List View ORG , smarter list merging, and enhanced control over link settings. A cohesive toolbar experience for the Navigation ORG , List, and Quote ORG blocks lets you work efficiently with the tooling options you need.

The Command Palette just got better

First ORDINAL introduced in WordPress 6.3 ORG , the Command Palette ORG is a powerful tool to quickly find what you need, perform tasks efficiently, and speed up your building workflow. Enjoy a refreshed design and new commands to perform block-specific actions in this release.

Categorize ORG and filter patterns

Patterns are an excellent way to leverage the potential of blocks and simplify your site-building process. WordPress 6.4 allows you to organize them with custom categories. Plus, new advanced filtering in the Patterns section of the inserter makes finding all your patterns more intuitive.

Get creative with more design tools

Build beautiful and functional layouts with an expanded set of design tools. Play with background images in Group ORG blocks for unique designs and maintain image dimensions consistent with placeholder aspect ratios. Do you want to add buttons to your Navigation ORG block? Now you can do it conveniently without a line of code.

Make your images stand out

Enable lightbox functionality to let your site visitors enjoy full-screen, interactive images on click. Apply it globally or to specific images to customize the viewing experience.

Rename Group ORG blocks

Set custom names for Group ORG blocks to organize and distinguish areas of your content easily. These names will be visible in List View ORG .

Preview images in List View

New previews for Gallery and Image blocks in List View let you visualize and locate where images on your content are at a glance.

Share patterns across sites

Need to use your custom patterns on another site? Import and export them as JSON files from the Site Editor’s patterns view.

Introducing Block Hooks

Block Hooks enables developers to automatically insert dynamic blocks at specific content locations, enriching the extensibility of block themes through plugins. While considered a developer tool, this feature is geared to respect your preferences and gives you complete control to add, dismiss, and customize auto-inserted blocks to your needs.

Performance wins

This release includes more than 100 CARDINAL performance-related updates for a faster and more efficient experience. Notable enhancements focus on template loading performance for themes (including Twenty Twenty-Four DATE ), usage of the script loading strategies “defer” and “async” in core, blocks, and themes, and optimization of autoloaded options.

Accessibility highlights

Every release is committed to making WordPress ORG accessible to everyone. WordPress 6.4 brings several List View ORG improvements and aria-label support for the Navigation ORG block, among other highlights. The admin user interface includes enhancements to button placements, “Add New” menu items context, and Site Health ORG spoken messages. Learn more about all the updates aimed at improving accessibility.

Other notes of interest

PHP 8.1 CARDINAL or 8.2 CARDINAL are recommended for use with WordPress 6.4 ORG . Find in-depth details on PHP ORG support in this post.

WordPress ORG 6.4 disables attachment pages for new installations.

Learn more about WordPress 6.4 PRODUCT

Check out the new WordPress ORG 6.4 page to learn more about the numerous enhancements and features of this release.

Explore Learn WordPress ORG for quick how-to videos, online workshops, and other free resources to level up your WordPress ORG knowledge and skills.

If you are looking for detailed technical notes on new changes, the WordPress 6.4 Field Guide is for you. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Developer Blog to stay on top of the latest development updates, tutorials, and more.

For more information on installation, fixes, and file changes, visit the 6.4 CARDINAL release notes.

The 6.4 CARDINAL release squad

​​The WordPress ORG 6.4 release comes to you from an underrepresented gender release squad to welcome and empower diverse voices in the WordPress ORG open source project.

Being part of the 6.4 CARDINAL release coordination team has allowed me to closely observe the intricate release process, where every detail, no matter how minor, is meticulously addressed—taking into account various factors like performance and backward compatibility. There’s still much to learn, but I feel fortunate to have had the chance to contribute to WordPress ORG 6.4. Akshaya Rane PERSON , 6.4 CARDINAL release coordinator team member

Over several weeks DATE , the 6.4 CARDINAL release squad kept the release on track and moving forward by leading collective work, connecting ideas, and removing roadblocks.

Thank you, contributors

WordPress ORG believes in democratizing publishing and the freedoms that come with open source. Supporting this idea is a global and diverse community of people working together to strengthen the software.

WordPress ORG 6.4 reflects the countless efforts and passion of more than 600 CARDINAL contributors in at least 56 CARDINAL countries. This release also welcomed over 170 CARDINAL

first ORDINAL -time contributors!

Their collaboration delivered more than 1150 CARDINAL enhancements and fixes, ensuring a stable release for all—a testament to the power and capability of the WordPress ORG open source community.

6adminit CARDINAL · Aaron D. Campbell · PERSON

Aaron Jorbin PERSON · Aaron Robertshaw PERSON · aayusha · Abha Thakor PERSON · Abid Omar · PERSON

Adam Silverstein PERSON · Adhun Anand PERSON · admcfajn · adrianduffell · aegkr · ahardyjpl · PERSON

Ahmed Hussein · Ahmed Kabir Chaion · ajakaroth · Aki Hamano · PERSON

Akihiro Harai · Akira Tachibana PERSON · Akshaya Rane · Al-Amin PERSON Firdows · Alain Schlesser · PERSON

Albert Juhé Lluveras PERSON · Alex Concha PERSON · Alex King · PERSON

Alex Lende · PERSON

Alex Stine PERSON · Alexandre Buffet PERSON · Alisha Bajracharya PERSON · Allison Tarr PERSON · Alvi Tazwar PERSON · amedv · Ana Cirujano PERSON · Anand Upadhyay PERSON · Anders Norén · André · Andrea Fercia PERSON · Andrei Draganescu PERSON · Andrew Hayward PERSON · Andrew Hutchings PERSON · Andrew Nacin · PERSON

Andrew Ozz · PERSON

Andrew Serong · PERSON

Andrew Wilder PERSON · Andy Fragen PERSON · Andy Peatling · Ankit Gade PERSON · Ankit K Gupta ORG · Ankit Panchal PERSON · Anna · Anne Katzeff PERSON · Anne McCarthy PERSON · Anne-Mieke PERSON Bovelett · anphira · Anthony Burchell PERSON · Anton Plauche PERSON · Anton Timmermans · PERSON

Anton Vlasenko · Anveshika Srivastava PERSON · archon810 · arena · Ari Stathopoulos · Arnab PERSON Mondal · Artemio Morales PERSON · Arthur Chu · asafm7 · Aslam PERSON Doctor · Aurooba Ahmed · PERSON

Austin Ginder · Ayesh Karunaratne · azharckra · Balu B · bangank36 · barbmiller · Barry · Bart · Basilis Kanonidis · PERSON

Beatriz Fialho · behoney · ben · Ben Dwyer PERSON · Ben Greeley PERSON · Ben Hansen PERSON · Benjamin Intal PERSON · Benjamin Zekavica PERSON · benjaminknox PERSON · Benoit Chantre PERSON · Bernhard Reiter · PERSON

Bernie Reiter · Bhrugesh Bavishi PERSON · Bijay Yadav PERSON · Binsaifullah · Biplav · Birendra Dhami · Birgit Olzem · PERSON

Birgit Pauli-Haack · Block Themes Pro · bmalsht · bonger · bookwyrm · PERSON

Boone Gorges ORG · Boro Sitnikovski · Brad Jorsch · PERSON

Bradley Jacobs PERSON · Brandon Kraft PERSON · Brandon Vreeman PERSON · Brian Gardner PERSON · Brian Haas PERSON · Brooke · Brooke PERSON . · Bud Kraus PERSON · Caleb Burks PERSON · Calvin Alkan PERSON · Carlo Cannas · Carlos Bravo · Carlos G. P. · Carolina PERSON Nymark · Cathi Bosco · ceer PERSON · cenkdemir · PERSON

Chad Chadbourne PERSON · [email protected] · Chintan hingrajiya · Chip Bennett PERSON · Chloé Bringmann PERSON · Chris Runnells · chriscct7 · PERSON chrisdesrochers · codersantosh · Colin Stewart PERSON · Corey Worrell PERSON · Courtney Patubo PERSON Kranzke · Courtney Robertson PERSON · Crisoforo Gaspar · crstauf PERSON · Csaba GPE ( LittleBigThings PERSON ) · Cupid Chakma · cybeardjm · Cyberchicken · Daisuke Takahashi · Dajeema Rai · Damon Cook · PERSON

Damon Sharp PERSON · Dan Tovbein PERSON · Daniel Bachhuber PERSON · Daniel Richards PERSON · danieldudzic PERSON · Daniele Scasciafratte PERSON · Danielle Zarcaro · danieltj · darerodz · PERSON

Darin Kotter PERSON · darkfate · Darren Ethier PERSON ( nerrad ORG ) · Darshit Rajyaguru · Dave Loodts PERSON · dave03 · David Baumwald · PERSON

David Biňovec · PERSON

David Calhoun PERSON · David E. Smith PERSON · David Favor PERSON · David Herrera PERSON · David Ryan PERSON · David Smith PERSON · Dawid Urbanski · daxelrod · De Belser Arne PERSON · Dean Sas · PERSON

Dee Teal PERSON · Deepak Vijayan · Denis Žoljom PERSON · Dennis Snell PERSON · Derek Blank PERSON · Derrick Tennant · Devan Ferguson PERSON · Dharmesh Patel PERSON · Dhrumil Kumbhani PERSON · Dhruvi Shah PERSON · Diane Co ORG · Dilip Bheda PERSON · Dimitris Mitsis PERSON · Dion Hulse · DJ · dj.cowan PERSON · Dominik Schilling PERSON · doughamlin · PERSON

Drew Jaynes PERSON · Earle Davies PERSON · Ebonie Butler · Edi Amin · Edward Caissie · Ehtisham S. · Ella van Durpe · Ellen Bauer · emailjoey PERSON · Emerson Maningo PERSON · Emily Clarke PERSON · Emily Leffler Schulman PERSON · emirpprime · enodekciw · Enrico Battocchi PERSON · Erik Betshammar · PERSON

Esrat NORP Sultana Popy · Estela Rueda · Fabian Kägy · Fabian Todt · Fabio Rubioglio · Faisal Alvi PERSON · Felipe Elia · PERSON

Felix Arntz · Femy Praseeth PERSON · floydwilde · FolioVision · Francesca Marano PERSON · Frank Laszlo · Fredde Battel PERSON · fzhantw · Gabriel Koen · Ganesh Dahal · Garrett Hyder · PERSON

Gary Cao PERSON · Gary Pendergast PERSON · Gennady Kovshenin PERSON · George Hotelling PERSON · George Mamadashvili PERSON · Gerardo Pacheco PERSON · Gio Lodi · PERSON

Glen Davies PERSON · Gnanasekaran Loganathan · Gopal Krishnan · GOZER · gpotter · Grant M. Kinney PERSON · Greg Ross · PERSON

Greg Ziółkowski · gregfuller PERSON · Guss77 · Gustavo Bordoni · gvgvgvijayan · Héctor Prieto PERSON · H.M. Mushfiqur Rahman · PERSON

hanneslsm · PERSON Hanzala Taifun · Hareesh S · Harsh Gajipara · Hasanuzzaman · Haz · PERSON

Helen Hou-Sandi · Hemant Tejwani · Hit Bhalodia PERSON · hlunter · Howdy_McGee · Huzaifa Al Mesbah · Ian Dunn PERSON · Incursa Designs ORG · ironprogrammer · Isabel Brison · itecrs PERSON · Ivan Zhuck · jaimieolmstead · PERSON

Jakaria Istauk PERSON · Jake Goldman PERSON · Jake Spurlock · James Hunt PERSON · James Janco PERSON · James Koster PERSON · James Roberts PERSON · james0r · Jamie McHale PERSON · Jamie Perrelet PERSON · Jamie VanRaalte PERSON · jane · PERSON Jarda Snajdr · Jari Vuorenmaa · Jarko Piironen PERSON · Jason Adams · PERSON

Jason Cosper PERSON · Jason Crist PERSON · jastos · PERSON

Jean-Baptiste Audras · PERSON

Jeff Bowen PERSON · Jeff Everhart PERSON · Jeff Ong PERSON · jeffikus · PERSON

Jeffrey Paul · jeflopo · PERSON

Jeremy Felt · PERSON

Jeremy Herve · PERSON

Jeremy Yip · PERSON jeryj · Jesin A PERSON · Jessica Duarte PERSON · Jessica Goddard PERSON · Jessica Lyschik PERSON · Jick · Jip Moors · jivygraphics · PERSON

Joe Dolson PERSON · Joe Hoyle · PERSON

Joe McGill PERSON · Joen A. · PERSON

John Blackbourn PERSON · John Hooks · PERSON

John James Jacoby PERSON · John Regan PERSON · Jon Brown PERSON · Jon Cave · PERSON

Jonathan Desrosiers PERSON · Jonny Harris PERSON · Jono Alderson PERSON · Joona · Joost de Valk · JordanPak PERSON · jordesign · Jorge Costa · PERSON

Joseph G. · Josepha Haden · joshcanhelp · joshuatf · PERSON JR Tashjian · PERSON

Juan Aldasoro PERSON · JuanMa Garrido PERSON · Juliette Reinders PERSON Folmer · Justin Tadlock · Jyolsna J E · K M Ashikur Rahman · K. Adam White PERSON · KafleG · Kai Hao · PERSON

Kalmang · Kalpesh · Kamrul Hasan · PERSON

Karlijn Bok · PERSON

Karol Manijak PERSON · Karthik Thayyil · PERSON

Katie Ayres PERSON · kawsaralameven PERSON · Keanan Koppenhaver · PERSON

Kelly Choyce-Dwan PERSON · Kevin Fodness PERSON · Kevin Miller PERSON · Kevin Taron PERSON · khleomix · PERSON

Khokan Sardar PERSON · Kim Coleman PERSON · Kishan Jasani PERSON · kkmuffme · Koji Kuno · PERSON

Konstantin Kovshenin PERSON · Konstantin Obenland PERSON · Kopila Shrestha · krokodok · Krupal Panchal PERSON · Labun Chemjong · PERSON

Lance Willett PERSON · LarryWEB · lastsplash ( a11n GPE ) · [email protected] · launchinteractive · Laura Adamonis · PERSON

Laura Byrne PERSON · laurelfulford · Lauren PERSON · Laxmikant Bhumkar · Lee Willis · PERSON

Lena Morita PERSON · Liam Gladdy PERSON · Linkon Miyan · PERSON

Linnea Huxford PERSON · Lloyd Budd · PERSON

Lovekesh Kumar PERSON · Luigi · Luis Felipe Zaguini PERSON · Luis Herranz PERSON · Luke Cavanagh PERSON · lunaluna · lyndauwp · Márcio Duarte · maciejmackowiak · madejackson · PERSON


Dollu PERSON · Madhu Dollu PERSON · Maggie Cabrera PERSON · Mahbub Hasan Imon · Mahrokh · Mai · PERSON

Maja Benke PERSON · maltfield GPE · Manesh Timilsina PERSON · manfcarlo · Manzoor Wani · PERSON

marcelle42 PERSON · Marcelo de Moraes PERSON Serpa · Marco Ciampini · PERSON

Marco Pereirinha PERSON · Marcoevich · margolisj PERSON · Marin Atanasov · Mario Santos · Marius L. J. · Mark Jaquith · PERSON

Marko Ivanovic · PERSON

Marta Torre · PERSON

Martijn van der PERSON Klis · martin.krcho · Mary Baum · Masoud NKH · PERSON mathsgrinds · Matias Benedetto · Matias PERSON

Ventura GPE · Matt Keys PERSON · Matt Watson PERSON · Matthaus Klute · Matthew Eppelsheimer PERSON · Matthew Farlymn PERSON · Matthew Haines-Young PERSON · matthewjho · maurodf · Maxwell Morgan PERSON · maysi · Md HR Shahin · PERSON meagan hanes · Mehedi Hassan · Meher Bala · PERSON

Mel Choyce-Dwan PERSON · mer00x · merel1988 · PERSON

Michael Arestad PERSON · Michael Burridge PERSON · Michael Showes PERSON · Michal Czaplinski PERSON · Michalooki PERSON · Michelle Blanchette PERSON · Michelle Frechette PERSON · Michi91 · Miguel Fonseca · PERSON

Mikael Korpela · PERSON

Mike Jolley PERSON ( a11n GPE ) · Mike McAlister · PERSON

Mike Schinkel PERSON · Mike Schroder PERSON · Mike Straw · PERSON

Mikin Chauhan PERSON · Milen Petrinski PERSON Gonzo · mimi · mitchellaustin · Monir · Mrinal Haque · mrwweb PERSON · Muhammad Arslan · PERSON

Muhibul Haque PERSON · mujuonly · Mukesh Panchal PERSON · Mumtahina NORP Faguni · Mushrit Shabnam · Myles Taylor PERSON · Nalini Thakor PERSON · nandhuraj · Nazgul · Nazmul Sabuz PERSON · Neil Hainsworth PERSON · nendeb · Nick Diego PERSON · Nicolas Juen · PERSON

Nicole Furlan PERSON · nicomollet · nidhidhandhukiya · ORG

Niels Lange PERSON · Nihar GPE

Ranjan Das · Nik Tsekouras · PERSON

Nilambar Sharma · PERSON Nilo Velez · niravsherasiya7707 · Nitesh Das PERSON · Nithin John · PERSON Nithin SreeRaj ORG · Noah Allen · PERSON

Nyasha · ockham · Ohia · PERSON

okat PERSON · Olga Gleckler PERSON · Oliver Campion PERSON · OllieJones · Paal Joachim Romdahl · pannelars PERSON · Pascal Birchler PERSON · Paul Biron PERSON · Paul Kevan · pavelevap PERSON · Pedro Mendonça · pentatonicfunk · Pete Nelson PERSON · Peter Wilson PERSON · petitphp · petrosparaskevopoulos · Petter Walbø Johnsgård · Phill · Pieterjan Deneys · piyushdeshmukh · PERSON Plugin Devs PERSON · Pooja Bhimani · Pooja Derashri · Pooja N Muchandikar PERSON · pranavjoshi · Prashant · Presskopp · r-c · Rajin Sharwar · Ramon Ahnert · Ramon Corrales PERSON · Ramon James · Rebekah Markowitz PERSON · Remy Perona · ren · PERSON

Renatho GPE ( a11n GPE ) · Rene Hermenau PERSON · Reyes ORG Martínez · Riad Benguella · PERSON

Rian Rietveld · Rich Tabor PERSON · Robert Anderson PERSON · Robert O’Rourke PERSON · Robin · PERSON robpetrin · Rolf Allard van Hagen PERSON · Ryan Duff PERSON · Ryan McCue PERSON · Ryan Neudorf PERSON · Ryan Welcher PERSON · Sérgio Gomes PERSON · Sagar Tamang PERSON · Sajjad Hossain Sagor PERSON · Sakib Mohammed · Sal Ferrarello · samba45 PERSON · Samir Karmacharya PERSON · Sampat Viral · PERSON

Samuel Wood PERSON ( Otto PERSON ) · Sarah Norris PERSON · Sarah Williams PERSON · Sarath AR · Satish Prajapati · saulirajala · saxonfletcher · PERSON

Scott Kingsley Clark PERSON · Scott Reilly · PERSON

Scott Taylor PERSON · Scout James · PERSON scribu · Sergey Biryukov PERSON · Sergio Scabuzzo PERSON · Seth Rubenstein · PERSON

Shail Mehta PERSON · shawfactor · Shawn Hooper · PERSON

shilo-ey PERSON · Shiva Shanker Bhatta PERSON · shresthaaman · Shubham Sedani · PERSON

Simon Dowdles · Siobhan PERSON · Siobhan Bamber PERSON · Smit Rathod PERSON · sofiashendi · Sonia Gaballa PERSON · Soren Wrede PERSON · SourceView · Spenser Hale PERSON · Stephanie Walters PERSON · Stephen Bernhardt PERSON · Stephen Edgar PERSON · Steve Erdelyi PERSON · Steve Jones PERSON · Subodh Sunuwar PERSON · Subrata Sarkar · Suji K Chandran PERSON · Sumi Subedi · PERSON

Sumit Bagthariya PERSON · Sumit Singh · Sunita Rai · suprsam · syamraj24 · PERSON

Sybre Waaijer · Synchro · Sé Reed · Taco Verdonschot · Tahmid ul Karim · PERSON

Tahmina Jahan PERSON · Takayuki Miyoshi PERSON · Tammie Lister · PERSON

Tanvirul Haque · Teddy Patriarca PERSON · tejadev · thinkluke · PERSON

Thomas Patrick Levy · tibbsa · PERSON Tiffany Bridge · Tim Nolte · timdix · PERSON

Timothy Jacobs PERSON · tmatsuur · PERSON

TobiasBg · tobifjellner PERSON ( Tor-Bjorn Fjellner ORG ) · Tom · Tom Cafferkey PERSON · Tom H · PERSON

Tom J Nowell PERSON · tomluckies · Tomoki Shimomura · PERSON

tomsommer PERSON · Tony G · PERSON

Tonya Mork · Toro_Unit PERSON ( Hiroshi Urabe PERSON ) · Torsten Landsiedel · toscho · PERSON

Tran Ngoc Tuan Anh · PERSON

Trinisha GPE · Trisha Salas · tristanleboss · TV PERSON productions · Ugyen NORP Dorji · Ulrich · Umesh Balayar · Upadala Vipul PERSON · Utsav tilava · valentindu62 · Valerie Blackburn PERSON · Vicente Canales · PERSON

Viktor Szépe · Vipul Ghori · PERSON

vivekawsm · vortfu · PERSON

Vraja Das · PERSON webashrafians · WebMan Design | ORG

Oliver Juhas · PERSON Weston Ruter · WHSajid ORG · Will Skora · William Earnhardt · PERSON

Willington Vega · PERSON Winstina · winterstreet · WraithKenny · wyrfel · Yoseph Tamang · Yui · zieladam · Zunaid Amin · Илья


Over 60 CARDINAL locales have translated 90 percent PERCENT or more of WordPress ORG 6.4 into their language. Community translators are working hard to ensure more translations are on their way. Thank you to everyone who helps make WordPress ORG available in 200 CARDINAL languages.

Last but not least, thanks to the volunteers who contribute to the support forums by answering questions from WordPress ORG users worldwide.

Get involved

Participation in WordPress ORG is not limited to coding. If contributing appeals to you, learning more and getting involved is easy. Discover the teams that come together to Make WordPress ORG , and use this interactive tool to help you decide which is right for you.

Looking ahead

Over the past two decades DATE , WordPress ORG has transformed the digital publishing landscape and empowered anyone to create and share, from handcrafted personal stories to world-changing movements.

The present and future of WordPress ORG hold exciting opportunities for everyone, builders and enterprises alike. The foundational work for Phase 3 LAW of the roadmap continues, with efforts focused on fostering real-time collaboration and streamlining publishing flows to improve how creators and teams work together in WordPress ORG .

Stay on top of the latest news and contributing opportunities by subscribing to WordPress News ORG and the WP Briefing ORG podcast.

A release haiku

The smooth feel of jazz

The cutting-edge of the web

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