What’s new in Svelte: November 2023

Created on November 12, 2023 at 10:38 am

What’s new in Svelte: November 2023 DATE

Svelte Summit WORK_OF_ART on Nov 11 DATE and better DevEx for all!

On this page On this page

Mark PERSON your calendars! Svelte Summit Fall is on November 11th DATE . Join us on YouTube ORG and in the Discord LOC for hours TIME of Svelte-focused fun 🎥

Every month DATE , maintainers within the Svelte ecosystem fix bugs, improve performance and bring new features to Svelte, SvelteKit ORG and the tooling around them. This month DATE ‘s releases brings an improved developer experience with better block folding, inferred types and configuration for use:enhance .

Let’s take a closer look 👀…

Svelte 4.2.2 cleans up a few element-specific features ( Release Notes ORG )

Extensions 107.12.0 improves block folding for functions, if statements and more ( Release Notes ORG , PR)

What’s new in SvelteKit LOC permalink

Route FAC parameter types will now be inferred from the applicable matcher’s guard check ( [email protected] ORG , Docs ORG , #10755)

, Docs ORG , #10755) The new invalidateAll boolean option lets you turn on and off the invalidateAll() form function within the enhance callback ( [email protected] ORG , Docs ORG , # 9476 MONEY )

boolean option lets you turn on and off the form function within the callback ( , Docs ORG , # 9476 MONEY ) The output of the project creation wizard will now reflect which package manager you’re using ([email protected], # 10811 MONEY )

For a complete list of bug fixes and performance updates, check out the SvelteKit CHANGELOG. You can also find adapter-specific CHANGELOGs in each of the adapter directories.

Community Showcase ORG permalink

Apps & Sites ORG built with Svelte

4THSEX is a creative website for the producer / creative director with the same name

Syntax.fm ORG has been redesigned from the ground up with SvelteKit ORG

GitContext PERSON is an early-access tool to improve the process of reviewing code

Lunier ORG is a site to browse and buy handbags (site is in French LANGUAGE )

Feldman Architecture ORG is a portfolio set for the architects of the same name

Formulator PERSON is a faster way to iterate, experiment, & build user interfaces

Dwarf ORG is a relaxed domain name marketplace for domain hoarders

Teek GPE is a simple, free time tracker for developers with an hourly TIME rate

Sessionic PERSON is a web extension to easily save browser sessions and manage them

Pilink GPE is a "suckless" link shortener

Learning Resources

Featuring Svelte Contributors and Ambassadors

To Watch

To Read

Libraries, Tools & Components

Work to support SvelteKit ORG in Deno ORG is ongoing and Deno ORG now supports creating SvelteKit ORG projects out-of-the-box!

Purplix PERSON is an open-source collection of tools dedicated to user privacy and creating trust with your audience

Obra Icons is a simple, consistent set of icons, perfect for user interfaces

svelte-chat-langchain is a minimal version of " Chat LangChain WORK_OF_ART " implemented with SvelteKit ORG , Vercel AI SDK PERSON and of course Langchain

Cloudinary PERSON just released an official Svelte SDK PRODUCT (GitHub)

That’s it for this month DATE ! Feel free to let us know if we missed anything on Reddit or Discord PRODUCT .

Until next time 👋

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