What I Found Interesting: November 8, 2023

Created on November 12, 2023 at 11:02 am

For over 10 years DATE , I published weekly DATE web design and development roundup blog posts with a section titled “ What I Found Interesting WORK_OF_ART .”

It’s where I shared a collection of fascinating stories and resources that caught my attention that week DATE .

Once I retired in December 2022 DATE , I stopped publishing my weekly DATE roundup.

But I missed sharing fun and interesting stories as well as helpful resources.

So I’m bringing back the “ What I Found Interesting WORK_OF_ART ” section as a regular blog post.

I’m not sure how often I’ll publish them, but I want to share stories that I’ve enjoyed, lifted me up, and made me laugh.

Hope you enjoy them, too!

What I Found Interesting

First up, NASA ORG launches their NASA+ free streaming service today, November 8, 2023 DATE . The ad-free, family-friendly streaming service will have live coverage of launch events and missions as well new series and original videos. I’m excited to learn about these new series: Other Worlds WORK_OF_ART : focusing on news and updates from the James Webb Space Telescope ORG

NASA ORG Explorers: highlights OSIRIS ORG -REx mission, the seven-year DATE mission that completed in September 2023 DATE NASA+ is available on the web, via the NASA ORG

Android PRODUCT and iOS apps, as well as through Roku ORG , Apple TV ORG , and Fire TV ORG .

Own Your Web from Matthias Ott PERSON is a free online newsletter for anyone who publishes on the web. Whether you want to get started with your own personal website or level up as a designer, developer, or independent creator working with the ever-changing material of the Web you’ll find all kinds of helpful resources, links, best practices, and more. While I’m retired from web work, I love Ott PERSON ’s approach to the newsletter, encouraging people to create their own content on a website they own. Ott offers info for people beginning their first ORDINAL journey publishing on the web to folks who have been designing and developing for years DATE .

University of Michigan ORG student Lucy Del Deo PERSON shares her experience backpacking along the shore of Lake Superior LOC in Michigan GPE ’s Upper Peninsula LOC . For her college Fall Break EVENT , Del Deo PERSON chose to backpack for the first ORDINAL time with a group of five CARDINAL other UM ORG students. Her meditation about her trip, trails, and beautiful views of Lake Superior LOC brought back memories of my own backpacking trip years ago DATE in the same area near Twelve Mile Beach FAC in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore ORG and overnight TIME stays at a backcountry campsite overlooking Lake Superior LOC .

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