Weekly Update 370

Created on November 12, 2023 at 11:13 am

I did it again – I tweeted about Twitter PERSON doing something I thought was useful and the hordes did descend on Twitter PERSON to tweet about how terrible Twitter PERSON is. Right, gotcha, so 1.3 CARDINAL M views of that tweet later… As I say in this week DATE ‘s video, there’s a whole bunch of crazy arguments in there but the thing that continues to get me the most in every one of these discussions is the argument that Elon ORG is a poo poo head. No, seriously, I explain it at the end of the video how so constantly the counterarguments have no rational base and they constantly boil down to a dislike of the guy. Ironically, continuing to use Twitter ORG to have a rant about stuff just shows that Twitter PERSON is just the same as it always was 🤣

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