Web devs: not great

Created on November 12, 2023 at 10:50 am

This is a milquetoast and overwrought piece about some marginally-improved computers that Apple ORG is selling this year DATE , but it includes one of my favourite sentences I’ve read this week DATE , in the context of using browser-based CPU ORG benchmarking:

Web browser rendering is surprisingly resource-intensive — partially because modern HTML, CSS ORG , and Javascript ORG are remarkably complex, and partially because most web developers are remarkably untalented and careless programmers.

Gruber PERSON is Problematic and I think that Apple ORG punditry is an almost totally useless industry (and it is also one of my guiltiest pleasures), but I love to hear what folks adjacent to the software development community think about the state of the web. (I love to hear what totally non-adjacent folks think even more.)

It’s easy to get bound up in The Discourse, to bikeshed frameworks or strike up a flame war with Tailwind PRODUCT users on Twitter ORG , to pat ourselves on the back for hand-rolling a microcomponent library for composing functional components in React, to take home massive salaries believing that they’re commensurate with our talent. It’s easy to offload the hard work to increasingly powerful and affordable processors on our Apple MacBooks Pro 16 ORG " in Space Black ORG , with the All-New M3 Max PERSON (not to mention the All-New Apple iPhone PRODUCT


Pro Max PERSON , available in 4 CARDINAL shades of titanium). It’s very easy to fail people in subtle, pernicious ways, in offices and living rooms all across the globe.

Are websites bad? Maybe I’m coming around on it.

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