Weaknote 2023-10-22

Created on November 12, 2023 at 11:51 am

Weaknote 2023-10 DATE -22

22 Oct 2023 DATE


We went on holiday – it was good, all-inclusive so minimal effort! But even at an all inclusive resort, parenting 2 CARDINAL young kids 24/7 for a week DATE is still somewhat tiring without the “rest” of the day job while they’re at Kindergarten 😅

But it was lovely just to have easy warmth, easy food, and no clearing up to do for a week DATE . A+++.

Youngest has now had the operation to reduce tonsils and adenoids and insert ear grommets. The reaction on first ORDINAL wake was “it’s so noisy! I want to go home!” so that was a great sign that the grommets did the trick.

After a few weeks DATE speech is already more clear – and loud! I suppose if your surroundings suddenly get louder, you increase your own volume to match or overcome it. And background sounds that went unnoticed before, are now being commented on with “what’s that?”, like the dishwasher cycle and aeroplanes flying overhead.


I was somewhat discombobulated after the holiday. Feels like I’m still easing my way back into the codebase. I’m always doing so much research for what seems like only small code additions or changes – but maybe that’s just the nature of the beast I’m working with.

I’m very rarely building something entirely new, rather I’m taking something that already exists and adapting it, or fixing bugs, or finishing off something that has been partially built.

Last week DATE I took two days DATE off with absolute exhaustion and a headache. Home life had been really busy, work confusing, and world events horrifying. I was so deeply tired that I knew I would barely be able to look at the screen much less understand the code. Hoping tomorrow DATE will be better.

HHTML Meet-up

I gave a talk on CSS color-scheme ! The 3rd ORDINAL HHTML meet-up happened for the first ORDINAL time in person, and I was allowed by Lea PERSON to be one CARDINAL of the speakers 💜

Watch “Easy dark mode with color-scheme” on YouTube ORG

It was a smooshing together of two CARDINAL blog posts, and ended up being given in rather a less polished fashion than I had hoped. Because of the way the room was set up, it was much easier to present from my work MacBook ORG than my personal ThinkPad – but I’m really not so practised and navigating around MacOS! So please excuse the fumbling…

Manuel PERSON (who has been tolerating me on Mastodon PERSON for months DATE , ahaha) was there! It was lovely to meet him, finally 🙂

His talk actually made me think I might like to play with web components, which is no mean feat – I’ve been very confused and maybe even mildly scared by them:

Watch “Web Components are for everyone” on YouTube


Normally PRODUCT I’m sort of allergic to newsletters. They add up and I just don’t have the time to read them all – but I’ve given these three CARDINAL a pass, because they’re worth it:

New additions to CSS JOY

Welcome, both!

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