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Created on November 12, 2023 at 11:47 am

Announcing: WCAG 2.2 CARDINAL is now published as a web standard—a W3C Recommendation!

For an introduction to WCAG ORG , see the WCAG 2 Overview. There are also a few updates in the WCAG 2 CARDINAL FAQ.


Success Criterion ORG dropped in WCAG 2.2

Success Criterion 4.1.1 Parsing has been removed. More info on this highly debated decision from W3C WAI on why 4.1.1 CARDINAL was removed. Also, see the article The 411 CARDINAL on 4.1.1 CARDINAL by Adrian Roselli PERSON .

9 CARDINAL new Success Criteria ORG in WCAG 2.2

2.4.11 CARDINAL Focus Not Obscured (Minimum) (AA)


Focus Not Obscured ORG (Enhanced) ( AAA ORG )


Focus Appearance ORG ( AAA ORG )


Dragging Movements ORG (AA)

2.5.8 CARDINAL Target Size (Minimum) (AA)

3.2.6 CARDINAL Consistent Help (A)

3.3.7 CARDINAL Redundant Entry (A)

3.3.8 CARDINAL Accessible Authentication (Minimum) (AA)

3.3.9 CARDINAL Accessible Authentication (Enhanced) ( AAA ORG )

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