Vivaldi on iOS: Now with improved features with pinning tabs, search shortcuts, and more.

Created on November 12, 2023 at 10:33 am

Hot on the heels of the successful launch of Vivaldi PERSON on iOS, the browser now brings new additions to your iPhone ORG and iPad ORG .

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We’ve released a new update to the Vivaldi PERSON browser on iOS – Vivaldi PERSON 6.4.

Earlier, this September DATE we launched our browser on iOS, and we’re overwhelmed with the positive responses about Vivaldi PERSON ’s unique features on your iPhone ORG and iPad ORG .

What stands out in Vivaldi PERSON is its powerful feature set and useful built-in tools, that make your browsing more personal and private. We are proud of the unique user experience we’ve brought to iOS and are motivated to fine-tune the browser into an even better version today DATE .

Get more of Vivaldi PERSON in its new version

In this update, we’ve added new functions such as pinning tabs and shortcuts to search faster, rounded a few rough edges, squashed some bugs, and polished the browser with under-the-hood improvements.

Strong focus on iPad ORG

We have designed the browser’s functionality for larger mobile screens so that it suits your iPad ORG . Just like Vivaldi PERSON on desktop, you can optimize the available screen space because the sidebar – Panels – pops up on the left of the screen.

We’ve also made your go-to tools – Bookmarks, History, Reading List WORK_OF_ART , and Notes PRODUCT – within easy reach in the browser’s sidebar.

Optimize screen space available on an iPad ORG with Vivaldi PERSON ’s unique interface

Improved Tab features: Pin the tabs

Across platforms, our tab features differentiate the browser from the rest of the pack. That is why we integrated the unique desktop-style Tab Bar ORG which makes it easy and fast to switch tabs in a way familiar to most from their computers.

We continue to improve the way you handle tabs. Now onwards, you can easily pin tabs and keep your most important tabs easily accessible. Pinned tabs are a great way to ensure that your favorite websites are just a tap away, helping you have a more organized and efficient browsing experience.

Access your important tabs by pinning them in Vivaldi PERSON

Tabs can be pinned from their context menu in the Tab Switcher.

With the Tab Switcher, you can find open, private, recently closed, or synced tabs in a breeze.

The number in the Tab Switcher button (at the right side of the toolbar) indicates, how many open tabs you have. The active tab is displayed with a border around the Tab PERSON thumbnail. With a tap on the thumbnail, you can switch to the selected Tab.

Search Engine Nicknames: Save time with shortcuts.

With the help of Search Engine Nicknames ORG , you can easily search with any of the included search engines in Vivaldi PERSON .

Simply type the nickname followed by the search term to search with the selected search engine. Often, you’ll end up getting better search results by using different search engines.

Similiar to Vivaldi PERSON on desktop, you can also set different default search engines for regular and private tabs.

Search engine nicknames help you search faster

Discover more unique features of Vivaldi PERSON on iOS

Notes: Save your thoughts on the go.

With Vivaldi PERSON ’s built-in Notes PRODUCT functionality, you can jot down ideas, to-dos, and inspirations while browsing. You can also highlight any text and “Copy to note” at which the text gets copied into the Notes section of the browser.

Vivaldi PERSON ’s Notes PRODUCT functionality helps to jot down ideas and can be synced

Reading List: Save your favorite stories to read later.

You can save web pages to read them later with its Reading List. With the Reading List, you no longer require an external app.

Save your favorite stories to read later with Vivaldi PERSON ’s Reading List

Speed Dials: Browse smart with visual bookmarks.

Vivaldi PERSON ’s signature feature, Speed Dials ORG , helps you access your favorite sites via visual bookmarks. You can create Speed Dials ORG based on site categories or your interests.

The Speed Dials are visual bookmarks and unique to Vivaldi PERSON

For example, you can group all your favorite news-based websites into a single folder named News ORG , and do something similar for Social Networks ORG and others.

Sync: Take your browsing data anywhere and everywhere.

One CARDINAL of our distinguishing features is our end-to-end encrypted Vivaldi Sync PERSON .

Now that Vivaldi PERSON is cross-platform, you can sync your browsing data – Bookmarks, Speed Dials, saved passwords, autofill information, typed History, Notes PRODUCT , and Reading List – securely between installations of Vivaldi PERSON on different devices.

Vivaldi PERSON is available on Desktop ORG , Android ORG , and in cars.

Sync ORG your browsing data between various devices that have Vivaldi PERSON installed

Your data is extremely important to us. We believe everything that you store in your browser belongs to you — which is why we’ll never sell your data or willingly compromise your privacy. Data is encrypted on your device using a password that is never sent to us. We do not use any third ORDINAL -party servers.

Download Vivaldi PERSON on iOS and share your feedback on the App Store ORG .

For now, we can’t wait to hear what you think about Vivaldi PERSON 6.4. We look forward to more versions of Vivaldi PERSON on iOS in the coming months DATE with the help of your feedback. Do send them in! And don’t forget to rate us and leave a review on the App Store ORG .

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Head to the changelog for more details.


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