Top picks — 2023 September

Created on November 12, 2023 at 11:11 am

Rome GPE , a project announced a few years ago DATE meant to resolve all JavaScript developers’ problems, has gone quiet. Fortunately, a strong community of open-source developers has decided to continue working on the idea. Biome ORG is a fork of Rome GPE , a toolchain made for JavaScript ORG and TypeScript ORG developers. It includes a linter, formatter, bundler, test runner, and more. This article reveals historical news about the decision and introduces the new project and the team behind it.

Matt Mullenweg PERSON shared this news about the new plan on that will keep your domain alive, provide top-tier hosting, and offer customer support for the next 100 years DATE . Yes—100 PERSON years! Considering the current inflation rate, it’s a pretty good deal if you plan to keep your website alive longer than your lifetime (statistically speaking).

Yoav Ganbar PERSON from the team has compiled an extensive list of UI ORG frameworks for React ORG , Vue, Angular ORG , Svelte, and other popular web frameworks. A few weeks ago DATE , I searched for a list like this, and perhaps you are in the same situation now.

Joshua Comeau PERSON is a prolific writer. This post just blew my mind—complicated subjects explained in such simple words, with interactive diagrams and practical examples. I didn’t know I had so many questions about RSC PERSON until I read this article. Incredible work!

What is the relationship between programming languages like JavaScvript ORG and Universal Quantification PERSON theory? Nicholas C. Zakas PERSON explains it all in one of his most recent articles. I also learned about the Vacuous PERSON truth after reading this post.

The official release of Bun 1.0 ORG has just landed. Some of the statistics of this modern JavaScript PRODUCT runtime are impressive. TypeScript file execution is much faster than other popular options. Module installation is speedy compared to npm, yarn, or even pnpm ORG . Running scripts also surpasses other tools. On top of that, it comes with a bunch of Bun-specific APIs that are real-life improvements. It is a bundler, test runner, drop-in replacement for node and npm, and more. Now, it is also available for Windows ORG users. Solid release! Please check out the release video below for those who prefer a video format.

Safari 17 ORG has arrived with a range of new features. The new HTML search element and the popover attribute simplify overlays, popups, popovers, and dialogs. The hr rules are now valid inside select pieces to separate related options. Regarding CSS, there are new features such as font-size-adjust and support for @counter-style . The Storage API PRODUCT and offscreen canvas are the most significant additions to the WebKit ORG JS engine in this iteration. Additionally, the new Set operation methods are also welcomed! JPEG XL PRODUCT and HEIC ORG media formats have also been introduced. It’s an excellent release!

The most efficient code is the one that doesn’t exist. The same rule can apply to passwords – the ones that don’t exist are the most secure. I’m sure you’ve heard about passkeys before. “Move beyond passwords”, presented at WWDC 2021 DATE , was likely my initial introduction to this technology. I’m glad that the passwordless reality has hit the mainstream two years later DATE with this beautiful implementation of 1Password. Also, I’m surprised at how many websites already support it—look at

Very well done! It’s a full-blown documentary about TypeScript ORG , featuring interviews with the creators and early adopters. It delves into the history and motivation behind creating this new programming language. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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