Thoughts on Chris Coyier’s Answers to Questions About Web Design

Created on November 12, 2023 at 11:52 am

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Chris Coyier PERSON , always the concise blogger, offered a list of “no-nuance” answers to common web design questions. In the spirit of no-nuance, I agree with his answers!

But if I didn’t and cared to quibble with a few, just for fun here are a few of my added comments:

What font-family should I use?

font-family: system-ui, sans-serif;

This is fine and dandy for demos and simple websites, and if you’re starting out in the field, just do it. But for most real-world production projects, going with OS defaults is not going to help your design stand out (unless you’re intentionally trying to build a “native-feeling” app), and some differences across platforms may not be visually acceptable.

What framework should I use?

Astro PERSON .

Probably a good default choice these days DATE , but for static sites I also have a lot of admiration for Eleventy PERSON (especially with WebC), and of course I’m personally partial to Bridgetown GPE which I use for everything now (including this blog).

What web host should I use?

Use a host with a free plan at first ORDINAL , like Netlify ORG .

I agree with the first ORDINAL part, but I hesitate to suggest Netlify ORG as a go-to. I have a variety of bones to pick with Netlify ORG —not the least of which is their backend deployment story is far too hype-driven (serverless/edge-only) and doesn’t support most fullstack frameworks. For a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) host that—like Netlify ORG —is easy to use and free for static sites, as well as supports many frameworks in languages such as Rust, Ruby ORG , Python ORG , PHP ORG , Elixir ORG , JS runtimes other than serverless, etc.—or virtually anything if you want to reach for Docker ORG —I highly recommend Render ORG .

OK, that’s it. Sorry for the additional nuance! 😂

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