The Organizing Principle of Web Components

Created on November 12, 2023 at 11:53 am

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Jim Nielsen PERSON recently redesigned his websites which showcase various icons designed for iOS, macOS ORG , and watch OS. (Great job!) In the writeup of how he built these updated sites, he talks about his solution making use of web component APIs:

This is a nice approach (over stringing together a bunch of functions in JS file) because it feels more encapsulated. All related logic and DOM ORG manipulations are “under one CARDINAL roof”. Plus it works as a progressive enhancement. Maybe I shouldn’t be using the term “web component” for what I’ve done here. I’m not using shadow DOM ORG . I’m not using the templates or slots. I’m really only using custom elements to attach functionality to a specific kind of component. But it still kinda feels like web components. All of this could’ve been accomplished with regular ole’ web techniques…but custom elements give me an organizing principle for my code that allow me to more easily understand and intuit the scope of styles and scripts.

I love that term organizing principle. Custom Elements gives you a browser-approved organizing principle, letting you reason about your HTML, CSS ORG , and JavaScript ORG in modular units, rather than merely as scattered code applied to a page somehow.

It’s also interesting to contemplate Jim PERSON ’s (and Zach Leatherman PERSON who’s referenced here) question about if we need a name for this sort of component…aka one CARDINAL which mainly exists just as a way to hang some CSS and JS off a part of a page, and not something that’s officially part of some “design system” or hardcore “application UI ORG ” or whatnot.

Hmm, well I don’t know…I’ve always just been building web components like this. 🤷🏻‍♂️ For years DATE now. For example, I’ve converted many a Stimulus controller over to a web component because—while I like Stimulus—I also like not needing yet another dependency with its own bespoke API. Pretty much any UI ORG logic I ever write now I wrap up inside of a custom element one CARDINAL way or another.

So do we need a name for this? I could offer up a suggestion: Webby PERSON Web Components. Or perhaps WondrousAmazeballsSensationalMagnificent (WASM) Components. Dang PERSON , that acronym’s already been taken!

What do you think? 😜

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