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  16. Emily F. Gorcenski
  17. On AI, ML, LLMs and the future of software
  18. Weekly Update 368
  19. Commonsense Good, Creative Good
  20. Classy Bear
  21. Opera Mini hits 1 billion downloads worldwide, celebrating 18 years of its existence
  22. How to Future-Proof Your Marketing for an AI-Centric Search World?
  23. Celebrating World Browser Day 2023 with a look at Opera’s innovations over the past year
  24. Worldreader Honored with Prestigious Library of Congress Literacy Award
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  26. “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” vault titles come to Search
  27. Priyanka Halder: Leading Quality Assurance with Innovation and Impact
  28. BrowserStack Champion Spotlight: Vinothkumar Velusamy
  29. eBay’s first Chief AI Officer Nitzan Mekel-Bobrov Recognized in Insider’s AI 100 List
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