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  16. The Web Component Engineering Course is Live!
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  48. Security: Tradeoffs
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  67. Identifying Network vs. CPU Bottlenecks in Load Flows
  68. Safari share menu now violates privacy
  69. Feedback Assistant boycott web page and participants list
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  71. Vibe Check №29
  72. My Mid-Career Transition into Biosecurity
  73. Announcing Our New Ebook: Responsive Images 101
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  75. P&B: Ray Thomas – Manu
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  77. The beauty of broken things – Manu
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  83. On the Uniting Power of a Commitment to HTML Conformance · Jens Oliver Meiert
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  108. Free JSON API to instantly check the spam score of your email messages
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  116. WaterBear: Building A Free Platform For Impactful Documentaries (Part 1) — Smashing Magazine
  117. Intent to Ship: “Gecko: Intent to Ship: :has Selector https://gro…”
  118. Intent to Ship: “Blink: Intent to Ship: No-Vary-Search support in…”
  119. Intent to Ship: “Blink: Intent to Ship: No-Vary-Search Hint for P…”
  120. Intent to Ship: “Blink: Intent to Implement and Ship: VideoEncode…”
  121. Intent to Ship: “Blink: Intent to Prototype: checkVisibility: con…”
  122. Web devs: not great
  123. Intent to Ship: “Gecko: Intent to prototype: CustomStateSet https…”
  124. Firefox WebDriver Newsletter — 118 – Firefox Developer Experience
  125. Intent to Ship: “Gecko: Intent to prototype: Invokers https://gro…”
  126. The future of Leo: A roadmap for Brave’s built-in AI browser assistant
  127. Intent to Ship: “Blink: Intent to Prototype: @page margin boxes h…”
  128. Brave, Electric Coin Co., and Filecoin Foundation announce partnership to bring new privacy tools to Web3
  129. Intent to Ship: “Blink: Intent to Ship: Attribution Reporting API…”
  130. Our Podcast Returns with a Fresh Perspective!
  131. Intent to Ship: “Blink: Intent to Ship: checkVisibility: contentV…”
  132. Intent to Ship: “Blink: Intent to Prototype: NavigationActivation…”
  133. Intent to Ship: “Blink: Intent to Ship: Protected Audience
  134. Intent to Ship: “Blink: Intent to Ship: CSS font-palette property…”
  135. ‘Reclaim Inspiration’: An immersive installation to spark creativity
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  141. Adblock Plus and (a little) more
  142. Adblock Plus and (a little) more
  143. The Negative Impact of Mobile-First Web Design on Desktop
  144. Google Online Security Blog: Qualified certificates with qualified risks
  145. Chromium Blog: Unlocking the power of TLS certificate automation for a safer and more reliable Internet
  146. Chromium Blog: How Core Web Vitals saved users 10,000 years of waiting for web pages to load
  147. Building Courseware I Can Understand: The Launch of CSS Nouveau
  148. Test Speed in CI/CD and Pull Requests
  149. Opera Mini hits 1 billion downloads worldwide, celebrating 18 years of its existence
  150. Update Chrome ASAP! Critical security issue exploited in the wild
  151. Would you trust your browser’s tab organizing skills?
  152. Google Chrome 118 is a massive security update
  153. Firefox 118 release brings new web translation feature and end of Firefox ESR 102
  154. Firefox 118.0.1 and ESR 115.3.1 fix a critical security issue
  155. Google Chrome 118 update fixes 2 security issues
  156. How to Future-Proof Your Marketing for an AI-Centric Search World?
  157. Testing fixes for a minor update to 6.4 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3160.38
  158. Unpacking Google’s new “dangerous” Web-Environment-Integrity specification
  159. New way to customize your Chrome address bar in iOS
  160. WebKit Features in Safari 17.1
  161. Simplify sharing with built-in APIs and progressive enhancement
  162. Celebrating World Browser Day 2023 with a look at Opera’s innovations over the past year
  163. Introducing Enhance Music — Begin Blog
  164. The first working demo of a web based EU digital identity wallet leveraging FIDO open authentication standards
  165. How to Find Out Which Chromebook You Have
  166. How To Design Useful and Usable Focus Indicators
  167. Announcing Native Language Support in WebContainers
  168. New learning paths, from the Web Security Academy
  169. Announcing new Liquid features for better web performance
  170. How fast is your Shopify Theme
  171. Liquid vs headless: A look at real user web performance
  172. Why We Don’t Report Website Carbon Emissions
  173. The WHATWG Blog — The URL Pattern Standard
  174. Importance of educating young people about digital accessibility
  175. Chris’ Corner: Subgrid
  176. Chris’ Corner: Variations on What Not to Do
  177. Microsoft Design’s New Figma Plugin Boosts Inclusive Product Accessibility.
  178. Chris’ Corner: Considering Code
  179. Interop 2024 Call For Proposals
  180. Updates to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.2)
  181. Celebrating 1 Petabyte on the Filecoin Network!
  182. Moving Getty.edu “404-ward” With Help From The Internet Archive API
  183. Wix now supports IndexNow for Faster Content Indexing
  184. Unlocking insights with the new Bing Webmaster Tools Performance Report
  185. Web Accessibility: Where Do I Start?
  186. Should You Use WCAG 2.2 Right Away?
  187. Is Your Website Screen-Reader Friendly?
  188. Accessibility Tips: Let Users Control Font Size
  189. Consistent Help: Tips for Meeting WCAG 2.2 Success Criterion 3.2.6
  190. What Will ADA Web Accessibility Standards Look Like?
  191. Alt Text Isn’t “One and Done:” Providing Users with Context
  192. Creating Accessible Documents in Google Docs
  193. From LCP to CLS: Improve your Core Web Vitals with Image Loading Best Practices
  194. Use Ecosystem Maps to Show, Not Tell
  195. Avoiding Import Hell for JavaScript and TypeScript Web Applications
  196. Building Motion for the Web: Recipes for Design Success
  197. Web Directions Summit 2023, Day Two
  198. Why is Accessibility Training Important?
  199. How We Designed & Built a View Transition Demo
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