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  1. The most important question in design: who’s gonna pay me?
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  11. I’m Too Addicted to My iPhone
  12. Earthside
  13. tel:me.about.it.
  14. The things I learned under the bluest sky – Hi, I’m Heather Burns
  15. Organizations are ant colonies
  16. Schneier on Security
  17. Transcript: What Are Accessibility Overlays?: HeydonWorks
  18. So I’ve Finished: Stray (PS5)
  19. Solving CPaaS vendor lock-in (as a customer and as a CPaaS vendor)
  20. On Steven Sinofsky’s Post on Regulating A.I. – Pixel Envy
  21. Computers Are Magical; Computers Are Awful
  22. Spotting scam vehicle listings on marketplace(s)
  23. What is a “stake” and who holds one?
  24. Pruning
  25. w/e 2023-11-05
  26. What Exactly is “Modern” CSS?
  27. Five things I like/dislike #8
  28. Nine things automated accessibility tests can’t test
  29. Text Posts from the Kids Group: 2022
  30. Computational Approaches to Pathogen Detection
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  32. Public Weights?
  33. P&B: Jim Nielsen – Manu
  34. The beauty of broken things – Manu
  35. The Good Things About All the Problems · Jens Oliver Meiert
  36. Website Optimization Measures, Part XXI · Jens Oliver Meiert
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  41. Episode 64: Patterns in WordPress
  42. Some big things are happening next week on November 6th 🎉
  43. Introducing runes
  44. 10 things I love about SpeedCurve (that I think you’ll love, too)
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  46. Chris’ Corner: Better CSS Animation
  47. Component Driven Development and the QA Process
  48. Employee Engagement Strategies During Uncertainty
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