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  1. 📎 Balancing security and openness
  2. Safari’s Advanced Privacy Protection
  3. O Media Shuts Down Jezebel – Pixel Envy
  4. Great article on #POSSE by @davidpierce.xyz (@[email protected] @pierce) @Verge: https://www.theverge.com/2023/10/23/23928550/posse-posting-activitypub-standard-twitter-tumblr-mastodon Sever
  5. Implemented liking/favoriting of #Mastodon posts via Bridgy Fed on my site! (Actually of any post on any site that #BridgyFed can discover an #ActivityPub endpoint to send likes to.) Tested it by liki
  6. Accessibility advice for entrepreneurs
  7. Migrating This Blog to Kirby
  8. Use Plaintext Email
  9. Follow-ups to the “Streets” series
  10. Introducing SelectorHound
  11. Security Tradeoffs: Privacy
  12. ServiceWorkers vs. Network Filtering
  13. Pruning
  14. Phishers Spoof USPS, 12 Other Natl’ Postal Services – Krebs on Security
  15. Google’s Broad Core Algorithm Updates: Important Points And Frequently Answered Questions For Site Owners And SEOs
  16. The September 2023 Google Helpful Content Update – Did Google’s Announcement in April About Page Experience Foreshadow What We’re Seeing With The Current HCU(X)?
  17. How To Find Lower-Quality Content Being Excluded From Indexing Using Bing’s XML Sitemap Coverage Report (and Its “Content Quality” Flag)
  18. Google’s Helpful Content Update (HCU) and the danger of low-quality AI user-generated content
  19. Safari share menu now violates privacy
  20. Nine things automated accessibility tests can’t test
  21. Five Low Risk Improvements to Your Website Before the Holidays
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  23. P&B: Toby Shorin – Manu
  24. P&B: Ray Thomas – Manu
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  26. Website Optimization Measures, Part XX · Jens Oliver Meiert
  27. Reddit enforces user activity tracking on site to push advertising revenue
  28. The End of DNS-based Site Blocking is near
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  31. A New WordPress Showcase
  32. Announcing Angular.dev
  33. WordPress 6.4 “Shirley”
  34. What’s new in Svelte: November 2023
  35. Waiting Room adds multi-host and path coverage, unlocking broader protection and multilingual setups
  36. Report: This Chrome feature may leak frequently visited sites
  37. Reality Check #1: Building out a furniture site from Dribbble
  38. Fastly is faster at time to first byte. It makes a difference.
  39. Prepping for Black Friday weekend with the Next-Gen WAF
  40. Upgrade Your Craft CMS Site to PHP 8: It’s Business Critical
  41. Demystifying WCAG 2.2
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