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  1. I moved from my self hosted Mastodon instance to a micro.blog account
  2. Throbbers
  3. The Overuse of Language, Realizing Humor, and Psychedelics
  4. Front end devs really don’t understand accessibility
  5. The most important question in design: who’s gonna pay me?
  6. Businesses don’t hire designers for their good work
  7. Some possible verities
  8. Don’t Let Visitors Know Your Origin Server Exists
  9. as days pass by — A software Matter device that Alexa can talk to
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  11. Chapter 3: They Are The Egg Men
  12. Chapter 4. Bees, they don’t fear the reaper
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  14. Blogs, Gardens, and Thinking Aloud in Public
  15. Thousands of elderly twins assure me that my kids will be alright
  16. The call was coming from inside the house – Hi, I’m Heather Burns
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  18. New Library: Simple Router
  19. How (not) to apply for a software job
  20. Unusual Filters
  21. Stories vs. Facts
  22. Shortwave AI features
  23. Some remodeling work
  24. Don’t Use Fixed CSS height or width on Buttons, Links, or Any Other Text Containers
  25. It’s 2023, here is why your web design sucks.
  26. w/e 2023-11-05
  27. Don’t Let Zombie Zoom Links Drag You Down – Krebs on Security
  28. Classic rock, Mario Kart, and why we can’t agree on Tailwind
  29. Google’s Broad Core Algorithm Updates: Important Points And Frequently Answered Questions For Site Owners And SEOs
  30. Weekly Update 369
  31. Gummy vitamins as a candy replacement
  32. Text Posts from the Kids Group: 2022
  33. Commonsense Good, Creative Good
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  35. P&B: Jamie Crisman – Manu
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  39. The Final Off-Canvas Navigation: Revisited – David Bushell – Freelance Web Design (UK)
  40. Everything I Know About UX Research I First Learned From Lt. Columbo — Smashing Magazine
  41. Episode 64: Patterns in WordPress
  42. Some big things are happening next week on November 6th 🎉
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  44. Chrome is getting Tracking Protection, but don’t get your hopes up
  45. Save Account Creation for the Confirmation Step (42% Don’t) – Articles – Baymard Institute
  46. Format the “Expiration Date” Fields Exactly the Same as the Physical Credit Card (72% Don’t) – Articles – Baymard Institute
  47. Don’t Let Your CDN Stop Your CI/CD Needs | Fastly
  48. Why We Don’t Report Website Carbon Emissions
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  50. Chris’ Corner: Fresh Type
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