SEO Myths: Top 5 Sitemap Myths Demystified

Created on November 12, 2023 at 10:28 am

Sitemaps, like most sig­nals to search engines, are not orders or edicts that Google ORG must fol­low PERSON explicitly.

Instead, they are hints that the search engine can choose to use if they want to, or they can ignore them entirely.

First ORDINAL , Google ORG has to know about your sitemap by one CARDINAL of the fol­low­ing ORG methods:

Find­ing it in the usu­al loca­tion of /sitemap.xml

Find­ing it in the loca­tion spec­i­fied in your /robots.txt file

file Being told its loca­tion by your sub­mit­ting it via the Google Search Console ORG

Then, on its own time, Google ORG will digest the sitemap, and poten­tial­ly use it to pri­or­i­tize index­ing (or re-index­ing) of the pages spec­i­fied in the sitemap.

It’s still entire­ly up to the whims of Google ORG ’s black box algo­rithm what to do with them.

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