Second Controller Assist: New Accessible PlayStation 5 Features.

Created on November 12, 2023 at 10:18 am

28 September 2023 DATE

Game console PlayStation 5 PRODUCT has introduced several new updates, including the notable ability for players to designate a second ORDINAL controller as an assistant. This feature is designed to improve accessibility, enabling the simultaneous use of two CARDINAL controllers for collaborative gaming experiences.

This update is available for download worldwide, along with other features, such as the support for higher-capacity SSDs, now extending up to 8 CARDINAL TB. Another accessibility feature allows players to activate haptic feedback effects while navigating menus, offering additional sensory feedback for those with visual or hearing related disability. This enhancement is compatible with both DualSense controllers and the PS VR2 PRODUCT controller.

In addition, US GPE and UK GPE players now have the option to use voice commands such as “Hey PlayStation PRODUCT , help” to access Help ORG content or view the current PS Plus ORG

monthly DATE games lineup.

The update also expands PS Remote Play ORG support to more Android ORG devices, enabling players to stream games from their PS5 PRODUCT or PS4 to other devices. The newly supported devices include the Chromecast ORG with Google TV ORG ( 4 CARDINAL K model) and the Bravia GPE


A95L PRODUCT TV model.

For more information, please read eurogamer PERSON ’s article on the Play Station 5 FAC accessible update.

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