Our Variable Wishlist to Figma

Created on November 12, 2023 at 10:02 am

At Config 2023, Figma ORG announced Variables, a new feature allowing designers to “store reusable values that can be applied to all kinds of design properties and prototyping actions.” Variables represent a significant shift in how designers collaborate and work — they bring consistency and efficiency to day-to-day design tasks, support the management and production of complex design systems, and simplify the process of creating intricate prototypes.

Though Variables is still very much in beta and likely to receive some serious updates in the near future, there are some clear improvements that could be made to drastically increase adoption for hesitant users and make advanced workflows more manageable.

We recently wrapped a ten-week DATE project where our task was to create, test, and implement variables into a mature design system with the goal of combining two CARDINAL disparate design systems into one. And while we accomplished this goal, we also came out of this project with a thorough wishlist for Variables we’d like to share with Figma ORG .

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