Opera for Android integrates Lingvanex translation service

Created on November 12, 2023 at 10:39 am

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In today DATE ’s interconnected world, language barriers can hinder our online experiences. That’s why Opera ORG has partnered with translation service Lingvanex PERSON to provide Opera ORG for Android ORG users with seamless and private translation capabilities.

Translation services are one of the most necessary online services – they allow us to connect with people, places, and ideas that might otherwise have been inaccessible. Over 8 million CARDINAL active Opera ORG users already use translation services in the Opera ORG browser, and Lingvanex PERSON averages nearly 2.5 million CARDINAL users each month DATE . So there’s clearly a need for accessible and accurate in-browser translation – which our new partnership delivers in spades.

With 45 CARDINAL + languages currently available on Opera for Android ORG , Lingvanex PERSON helps users translate content to and from their preferred languages around the world. Now Opera for Android ORG users can accurately translate web pages with just a few taps. All you need to do is click on the three CARDINAL dots in the top right corner, choose “ Translate WORK_OF_ART ,” and select your preferred language – it’s that easy to break down language barriers and access content in the language you desire.

With Lingvanex PERSON seamlessly integrated into Opera for ORG

Android ORG ’s user interface, you’ll be able to access translation features without any hassle – all while continuing to enjoy a fast and efficient browsing experience.

Enhanced Privacy with Lingvanex PERSON

At Opera ORG , we care deeply about user privacy. That’s why Lingvanex PERSON ’s own commitment to privacy is as important to us as the quality of its translation service – which makes our partnership a happy alignment of business values.

Lingvanex PERSON ’s integration into Opera for Android ORG does not collect or store any personal data. All translations happen on Opera ORG ’s own servers, so no other party or infrastructure has access to the text. So you can translate away, knowing your information remains private.

Say goodbye to clunky translations and external privacy risks – download Opera for Android ORG

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