New Outlook doesn’t unhide your taskbar – two quick fixes

Created on November 12, 2023 at 11:36 am

I quite like the new Outlook for Windows PRODUCT . But it has a couple of annoying bugs. One CARDINAL of which is, when it is maximised it doesn’t let you unhide your bottom task bar.

I’ve set up Windows PRODUCT so the taskbar disappears whenever my cursor isn’t at the bottom of the screen. When my mouse touches the bottom, the bar appears. Lovely! But Outlook breaks this functionality – which I’m pretty sure existed back in Windows 95 PRODUCT .

Microsoft ORG have received several complaints about this, but done nothing.

Anyway, here’s two CARDINAL way you can fix it. Neither are particularly good, but they do work.

Rather than pressing the big square icon in the top right of the window, just drag the edges of your window to be as big as possible.

This is a stupid fix. Your window is now the same size as your screen but technically isn’t maximised. So the taskbar doesn’t get stuck behind Outlook.

This problem only occurs on my laptop’s screen. So I plugged in an external monitor and moved the Outlook window to there.

When maximised, Outlook ORG doesn’t prevent the taskbar from appearing.

I’m pretty sure the New Outlook ORG uses "fullscreen" rather than "maximise". That mode is often used for things like games where you don’t want a taskbar suddenly appearing.

But the root cause is Microsoft ORG ‘s decision to ignore customer feedback. Look, bugs happen. That’s just a fact of life. But absolutely no-one from the MS ORG team is looking at customer complaints. Being "feature-driven" is great – but you need to close the loop to see if those features are working for customers.

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