New enhanced search features for downloads in Opera for Android version 78 and versatile log-in options for Aria on Android and iOS

Created on November 12, 2023 at 10:38 am

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At Opera ORG , we are always looking for ways to improve your browsing experience. With the release of Version 78 LAW , Opera for Android ORG now features an enhanced search feature in the download section. Additionally, Opera ORG ’s native browser AI ORG , Aria PERSON , now allows you to log in using your Google ORG account.

Expanded login options for Aria PERSON

In the June DATE update of Opera for Android ORG , we integrated Aria PERSON , our browser AI, allowing you to browse with AI at a touch of your fingers. Now we’ve expanded your login options, allowing you to access Aria PERSON using your Google ORG account in addition to your Opera ORG credentials.

If you use Opera ORG on an iOS device, we’ve got great news for you too – you can now use your Apple ORG ID to access Aria PERSON . By integrating your Google ORG account and Apple ORG ID with Aria PERSON , you unlock a personalized browsing experience tailored specifically to your preferences. Aria PERSON is your constant companion, ready to answer everyday questions, provide useful recommendations, and ensure that your browsing journey is as effortless as possible.

New search feature in the download section

Our latest update introduces a search feature in the download section, designed to keep you seamlessly connected to the content that matters most. With just a few taps, you can now search and filter your downloads, ensuring efficient access to the files you need – whether it’s finding that important document, rewatching your favorite videos, or accessing a crucial presentation, we’ve got you covered. The enhanced search feature saves you time and frustration, so you can be organized and stay focused.

At Opera ORG , we’re passionate about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of web browsing. Whether it’s our powerful search feature in the download section or the expanded login options with Aria PERSON , our goal is to simplify your browsing experience and make it more personal than ever. Download the latest update of Opera for Android ORG now and step up your browsing.

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