Navigating Microsoft 365 guidance for UK government digital, data and technology professionals

Created on November 12, 2023 at 11:51 am

In an unprecedented age where secure and efficient collaboration is paramount, the Central Digital ORG and Data Office ORG has taken a significant stride forward by collaborating with Microsoft ORG and the National Cyber Security Centre ORG ( NCSC ORG ) to develop comprehensive guidance for the UK GPE government organisations that are using Microsoft ORG 365.

The guidance has been designed by digital, data and technology professionals across government to empower and support each other in alignment with the Mission Four: Efficient, Secure and Sustainable Technology of ORG the 2022 DATE to 2025 CARDINAL roadmap: Transforming for a digital future.

This blog outlines three CARDINAL pieces of guidance available that are key to enhancing secure configuration, external collaboration and information protection within the Microsoft ORG 365 environment.

1 CARDINAL . Secure Configuration Alignment for Enhanced Security

The Microsoft 365 Guidance for UK Government: Secure Configuration Alignment guides government departments on how to securely configure their Microsoft 365 Platform ORG in alignment with the latest NCSC ORG advice in the journey towards fortified cybersecurity.

By adhering to these guidelines, digital, data and technology professionals can understand how the features and capabilities in Microsoft 365 ORG can be used to ensure that a common bar has been achieved for their tenant and promote a secure digital ecosystem.

2 CARDINAL . Fostering cross-government collaboration

It is no surprise that collaboration lies at the heart of modern government operations. The Microsoft 365 Guidance for UK Government: External Collaboration is a huge step forwards for colleagues that rely on effective collaboration and rapid communication with teams across HM government.

This guidance provides a baseline configuration for the Microsoft ORG 365 platform enabling key features such as real-time file sharing and co-authoring across government departments, efficient meeting scheduling through free-busy calendar sharing, consistent instant messaging ( IM LOC ), video conferencing and the creation of cross-governmental Microsoft Teams ORG sites.

This blueprint not only streamlines communication, but also paves the way for more efficient and impactful cross-department collaboration.

3 CARDINAL . Safeguarding information with precision

In an era of data-driven governance, safeguarding sensitive information is non-negotiable.

The Microsoft 365 Guidance for UK Government: Information Protection sets forth a standard configuration for sensitivity labels and data loss prevention. This guidance caters to organisations aiming to implement the OFFICIAL tier of the updated Government Security Classification Policy ( GSCP PERSON ) using Microsoft Purview ORG , a part of the Microsoft ORG 365 suite.

By adhering to this guidance, government departments can confidently navigate the intricacies of data protection while harnessing the full potential of their information assets.

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