Microsoft hides sidebar controls in Copilot Settings in Edge

Created on November 12, 2023 at 11:01 am

Microsoft ORG released a new version of its Chromium ORG -based Microsoft Edge ORG browser last week DATE . Microsoft Edge 119 ORG is a smaller update that focused on security updates. The new version introduced support for restoring split screen tabs when the browser is restarted and new capabilities for administrators to manage sidebar apps via a new policy.


One CARDINAL change that Microsoft ORG did not mention in the release notes affects how users control the sidebar functionality in Edge ORG directly.

Up until version 118 CARDINAL , Edge ORG users could open the "customize sidebar" section of the Settings to control it. The easiest way to open it is to load edge://settings/sidebar directly in the browser’s address bar.

There, they found options to disable the sidebar completely in Microsoft Edge ORG or control whether Copilot ORG gets opened automatically in the sidebar.

Microsoft Edge ORG users who upgraded the browser to version 119 CARDINAL don’t find the options under customize sidebar anymore.

Edge displays just four CARDINAL options there:

Personalize my top sites in customize sidebar.

Allow sidebar apps to show notifications.

App specific settings.

Manage site notifications for mobile sites.

The option to manage the sidebar is gone. Has Microsoft ORG removed the options entirely, or just moved them?

It turns out that Microsoft ORG has moved the options. The new location is not intuitive, however, as the settings for the sidebar are now found under Copilot ORG . A click or tap on Copilot ORG under App ORG specific settings displays the following options:

Show Copilot. Note that you can hide or show the Copilot ORG icon on Windows ORG also using the Registry or Group Policy Editor ORG .

Always show sidebar.

Automatically open Copilot in the sidebar.

Allow Microsoft ORG to access page content.

Show shopping notifications.

To make matters worse, Microsoft ORG configured the "Always show sidebar" option as a dependency of " Show Copilot WORK_OF_ART ". If you turn off show copilot, you can’t change always show sidebar anymore.

Our colleagues over at Neowin ORG discovered this recently. Basically, what you need to do is configure always show sidebar before you disable show copilot. Doing so removes the Copilot ORG icon from the sidebar, but keeps the sidebar visible all the time. You can also toggle both to off if you prefer it that way.

Closing Words

The new location for the sidebar settings is not intuitive. Many Edge ORG users will have difficulties finding the options, as there is no indication that Copilot ORG is their new home. The description of App ORG specific settings, under which Copilot ORG is located, informs users only about the ability to control "individual settings" for selected apps that "can be set and include notifications and permissions".

Microsoft ORG should update the information to highlight to users that sidebar controls are now located under Copilot ORG in the Settings.

Now You: do you use Microsoft Edge ORG or Copilot?

Summary Article Name Microsoft ORG hides sidebar controls in Copilot Settings in ORG

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