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Created on November 12, 2023 at 11:16 am

Sometimes it’s the best method of learning when different people with different teaching styles teach the same subject. Since Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.2 has landed just recently, and it is really important to get a grip regarding the testing of the new success criteria, here’s an overview of recommended and – in my opinion – valuable explainers by fellow members of the accessibility community:

Hidde de Vries

If you in a hurry and just want to gain a quick overview of what is new in 2.2 CARDINAL , please head to Hidde PERSON ‘s blog.

Tetralogical ORG , Patrick H. Laucke PERSON

A self-proclaimed high-level overview of what WCAG 2.2 CARDINAL brings and how it differs from older versions.

TGPi, James Edwards PERSON

James PERSON ‘ deep dive into the new criteria and, most of all, how to test them was and is my go-to studying ressource about the topic: " New Success Criteria WORK_OF_ART in WCAG 2.2 CARDINAL ".

W3C ORG ‘s Web Accessibility Initiative

It would be silly not to mention the "official informative" resource about WCAG ORG ‘s new version: New in 2.2 CARDINAL .

Update 2023-10-06 DATE :

WCAG 2.2 CARDINAL and conformant focus indicators, Sara Soueidan PERSON

In this article, Sara PERSON does not describe the WCAG 2.2 CARDINAL update as a whole, but one CARDINAL aspect of it very thourougly: A guide to designing accessible, WCAG-conformant focus indicators

Update 2023-10-10 DATE :

Intopia Videos ORG

In their "WCAG 2.2 at a glance" series, Intopia ORG puts a spotlight on single new success criteria in video form on their YouTube ORG channel. Currently released:


WCAG 2.2 CARDINAL AA: Summary and Checklist for Website Owners is a short, but condensed overview of what WCAG 2.2 CARDINAL brings and what conformance level is quoted in the majority of referencing laws and standards (it’s AA).

I plan to frequently update this listing post, please check again later.

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