How Search helped connect people in need to a 24/7 hotline

Created on November 12, 2023 at 10:24 am

When I set out to create the Aks Foundation ORG , the vision was simple: a safe space for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault to be heard without being judged, to make their own choices and feel validated. At the time, there weren’t any 24/7 NORP crisis hotline numbers in India GPE — and I knew that needed to change. And thanks to a partnership with Google ORG , our helpline is reaching people across the country.

Back when I was studying to get my masters in the U.S. GPE , I worked with a crisis center for domestic violence and sexual abuse. There, I learned about what kind of counseling survivors could really benefit from and when I returned to India GPE , I wanted to bring that same model back home. Four years later DATE , thanks to a team of truly incredible hardworking passionate people, the Aks Crisis Intervention and Prevention Plan LAW was born.

Aks PERSON has a 24/7 NORP crisis line, a legal line for assistance and community education programs for prevention purposes. Unfortunately, survivors of abuse are often silenced and face isolation from society. Having the resources to feel supported and empowered to make choices for oneself can make a world of difference for an individual.

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