Google Online Security Blog: Evolving the App Defense Alliance

Created on November 12, 2023 at 10:41 am

The App Defense Alliance ORG ( ADA ORG ), an industry-leading collaboration launched by Google ORG in 2019 DATE dedicated to ensuring the safety of the app ecosystem, is taking a major step forward. We are proud to announce that the App Defense Alliance ORG is moving under the umbrella of the Linux Foundation ORG , with Meta ORG , Microsoft ORG , and Google ORG as founding steering members.

This strategic migration represents a pivotal moment in the Alliance ORG ’s journey, signifying a shared commitment by the members to strengthen app security and related standards across ecosystems. This evolution of the App Defense Alliance ORG will enable us to foster more collaborative implementation of industry standards for app security.

Uniting for App Security

The digital landscape is continually evolving, and so are the threats to user security. With the ever-increasing complexity of mobile apps and the growing importance of data protection, now is the perfect time for this transition. The Linux Foundation ORG is renowned for its dedication to fostering open-source projects that drive innovation, security, and sustainability. By combining forces with additional members under the Linux Foundation ORG , we can adapt and respond more effectively to emerging challenges.

The commitment of the newly structured App Defense Alliance ORG ’s founding steering members – Meta ORG , Microsoft ORG , and Google ORG – is pivotal in making this transition a reality. With a member community spanning an additional 16 CARDINAL General and Contributor Members, the Alliance ORG will support industry-wide adoption of app security best practices and guidelines, as well as countermeasures against emerging security risks.

Continuing the Malware Mitigation Program

The App Defense Alliance ORG was formed with the mission of reducing the risk of app-based malware and better protecting Android ORG users. Malware defense remains an important focus for Google ORG and Android ORG , and we will continue to partner closely with the Malware Mitigation Program ORG members – ESET, Lookout ORG , McAfee, Trend Micro ORG , Zimperium PERSON – on direct signal sharing. The migration of ADA ORG under the Linux Foundation ORG will enable broader threat intelligence sharing across leading ecosystem partners and researchers.

Looking Ahead and PERSON Connecting With the ADA ORG

We invite you to stay connected with the newly structured App Defense Alliance ORG under the Linux ORG foundation umbrella. Join the conversation to help make apps more secure. Together with the steering committee, alliance partners, and the broader ecosystem, we look forward to building more secure and trustworthy app ecosystems.

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