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Created on November 12, 2023 at 10:49 am

Developer Tools help developers write and debug websites on Firefox ORG . This newsletter gives an overview of the work we’ve done as part of the Firefox 119 Nightly release cycle. You can find the full list of fixed bugs in this release here.

The 119 CARDINAL work was happening during the summer DATE , which is always less busy as people take some time off to enjoy the shiny sun. Luckily for us, we got a lot of contributions from people outside of Mozilla ORG :

Zac Svoboda PERSON helped us on many fronts: Made the JSON Viewer show the raw data when the response is not valid JSON (# 1764897 MONEY ) Fixed some React propTypes in the JSON viewer code (# 1852298 MONEY ) Improved the styling of the compatibility panel (# 1643843 MONEY ) Fixed the contrast for links across the toolbox (# 1673582 MONEY ) and for the Layout PRODUCT flex/grid highlight toggle (# 1844071 MONEY ) Corrected a typo in a variable name (# 1646638 MONEY )

helped us on many fronts: Sebastian Zartner PERSON , a long time DevTools ORG contributor, also helped us a lot: He improved the Inactive CSS feature which now reports ignored properties on :: first ORDINAL -letter (# 1842175 MONEY ) , ::cue (# 1849235 MONEY ) and ::placeholder (#1849255) pseudo-elements Made the path of manually added cookies in Storage Inspector to root instead of URL path (# 1748422 MONEY ) Fixed a test intermittent (# 1850952 MONEY )

, a long time DevTools ORG contributor, also helped us a lot:

No writing-mode for ::placeholder elements

Vinny Diehl PERSON fixed an issue in the Shape PRODUCT path editor for inset() when it was using pixels on an element sized in percentage (# 1853559 MONEY )

fixed an issue in the Shape PRODUCT path editor for when it was using pixels on an element sized in percentage (# 1853559 MONEY ) LyScott123 improved our Object Inspector to show wrapped primitive (# 1695150 MONEY )

<primitive value> node shows the, well, wrapped primitive value

Want to help? DevTools are written in HTML, CSS ORG and JS so any web developer can contribute! Read how to setup the work environment and check the list of mentored issues.

CSS Custom ORG properties computed value

A few months ago DATE , the talented Ana Tudor PERSON complained on Mastodon PERSON :

As we don’t like people being sad, we put some work into the computed panel so it also displays custom properties (# 1834690 MONEY ).

Computed view on MDN ORG , now showing the (many) CSS custom properties

This is not the first ORDINAL time we’re implementing a feature or fixing a bug after someone tagged us on X/Mastodon. As a matter of fact, we do like to hear from you about what tool you want or what’s broken in the toolbox. So don’t hesitate to file a bug on Bugzilla PRODUCT , or reach out on social media, we might end up implementing your nice idea 🙂

Debugger stability

For this release, we landed a few small but useful bug fixes.

The Debugger would sometimes underline the wrong token for errors, due to some missing information in the JS engine (# 1845865 MONEY ). Thanks a lot to the SpiderMonkey ORG team for fixing this!

We fixed a crash in the Debugger panel (# 1849946 MONEY ), as well as an issue with the “Map Scopes” feature (# 1849987 MONEY ). By the way we started a project to make this feature faster and more robust, so hopefully we’ll share the result of that work in a future newsletter 🙂 WORK_OF_ART .

We’re also continuing our efforts to make the Debugger as fast as possible and fixed a few issues (# 1851522 MONEY , # 1851566 MONEY , # 1852979 MONEY , # 1853124 MONEY ). We got positive numbers in our performance tracking infrastructure showing the impact of those patches, but as the overall work spans multiple releases, we’ll do a summary of those results in a dedicated blog post later when this work is over.

Thank you for reading this and using our tools, see you next month DATE for a new round of exciting updates 🙂

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