Firefox Beta for Android lifts restrictions for Extensions

Created on November 12, 2023 at 10:35 am

When Mozilla ORG launched the redesigned version of Firefox ORG for Android ORG in 2019 DATE as a preview, it changed several key features of the browser. The classic Firefox PRODUCT for Android ORG browser was not restricted when it came to the installation of extensions. While some extensions were not compatible, usually because they were designed with desktop operating systems in mind, many extensions could be installed.


Mozilla ORG even considered ending support for extensions altogether, which would have moved it closer to Chrome ORG and Chromium ORG -based browsers, which for the most part do not support extensions on mobile.

Mozilla ORG limited extensions support significantly in Firefox ORG for Android ORG however. Stable versions of Firefox ORG support only 22 CARDINAL different extensions up to this date. Still 22 CARDINAL more than most other browsers support, but not much compared to the thousands CARDINAL of extensions that desktop Firefox ORG users may install.

Mozilla ORG announced in August DATE that it made the decision to enable full extensions support in Firefox ORG for Android ORG . Tests started soon thereafter and they have now include Firefox Beta, which was updated to version 119 CARDINAL recently.

Firefox Beta 119 CARDINAL users may open Menu > Add-ons ORG in the mobile browser to display the small list of supported extensions that all Firefox for Android ORG versions support. Users who scroll to the bottom of the page find a new button, "find more add-ons", which, when activated, opens a dedicated extensions page for Firefox ORG for Android ORG on Mozilla ORG ‘s website.

Users find more than 250 CARDINAL extensions there that they may install in the mobile browser right away. The list of supported extensions is growing. While it will never match the more than 30000 CARDINAL desktop extensions, it unlocks support for extensions in general.

Developers will create dedicated extensions for Firefox ORG for Android ORG in the future or make their desktop extensions compatible with the mobile browser as well.

Firefox Stable 119 CARDINAL won’t receive the unlocked extensions support, as tests will go on for some time. Sören Hentzschel PERSON found out that Mozilla ORG plans to unlock extensions support in Firefox ORG Stable for Android ORG in December 2023 DATE . The change will likely roll out with the final Firefox ORG for Android ORG release of 2023 DATE , which is Firefox 121 LAW . The release date for the browser is December 19, 2023 DATE .

Closing Words

What took you so long, Mozilla ORG ? This is likely on the minds of many veteran Firefox ORG users. Unrestricted support for browser extensions in Firefox ORG for Android ORG is a major change and one CARDINAL of the few distinguishing factors between Firefox ORG and Chromium ORG -based browsers such as Google Chrome ORG .

Additional extensions will become available in the coming months DATE , so that Firefox for Android ORG users will find a good list of extensions in the store in December DATE .

Now You: which extensions would you like to see supported in Firefox ORG for Android ORG ?

Summary Article Name Firefox Beta for Android ORG lifts Extensions restrictions Description Mozilla ORG has lifted restrictions regarding the installation of extensions in Firefox ORG for Android ORG Beta. Soon, Firefox ORG Stable will also benefit. Author Martin Brinkmann PERSON Publisher Ghacks Technology News Logo


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