Firefox 119 ships with security fixes and privacy enhancements

Created on November 12, 2023 at 10:34 am

Mozilla Firefox 119 ORG will be released later today TIME . The new Stable version of Firefox ORG is accompanied by Firefox 119 LAW for Android ORG and Firefox 115.4 PRODUCT ESR.


Core new features of Firefox 119 LAW include Encrypted Client Hello ORG support for all users, extensions imports from Chrome ORG , improved tracking protection and new PDF ORG editing capabilities.

All developer versions of Firefox ORG are updated around the same time. This means that Firefox Beta and Dev PERSON move to version 120 CARDINAL and Firefox Nightly to version 121 CARDINAL .

Executive Summary

Encrypted Client Hello is now supported.

Mozilla ORG patched security issues in Firefox 119 LAW .

Firefox 119 CARDINAL includes privacy improvements.

Firefox 119.0 CARDINAL download and update

Firefox 119 CARDINAL ‘s and Firefox 115.4 CARDINAL

ESR ORG release date is October 24, 2023 DATE . Depending on when you read this, it may not be released yet.

Later today TIME , the new Firefox ORG releases will become available via the automatic updating functionality of the browser. Downloads are also offered on Mozilla ORG ‘s official website then.

To display the current version, select Menu > Help > ORG About Firefox. Doing so displays the installed version and runs a check for updates.

Here are the official download locations:

Firefox 119.0 CARDINAL

Encrypted Client Hello Support

Firefox 119 CARDINAL supports Encrypted Client Hello PERSON officially now. You can check out the full article on the introduction.

Encrypted Client Hello PERSON improves the privacy of connections by encrypting information about the domain name during connection attempts. Previously, anyone listening in on network traffic, including ISPs, could monitor the information.

Some ISPs sell information about user activity on the Internet, others may use DNS ORG -based blocking to prevent access to certain sites. With Encrypted Client Hello PERSON , DNS ORG -based blocking is no longer effective.

Note that servers need to support this well to work.

Privacy Improvements

Mozilla implemented several privacy enhancements in Firefox 119 LAW . The two CARDINAL core additions are the partitioning of Blob PERSON URLs and limited visibility of fonts that websites have access to.

The first ORDINAL mitigates a potential tracking vector that third ORDINAL -parties may utilize for tracking purposes. This was the only state partitioning test at Privacy Tests that Firefox failed at.

The limitation of fonts improves Firefox ORG ‘s defenses against font fingerprinting by restricting sites to system fonts and language pack fonts.

Firefox View displays more content

A click on the Firefox View icon in the leftmost section of the tab bar displays the interface.

Firefox users see all content there now from all open browser windows. Synced tabs will also show up and the browsing history can now be sorted by date or site.

Other changes and fixes

Storage Access API updated "to improve security while mitigating website breakages".

Firefox ORG ‘s PDF Viewer ORG is getting options to add images and alt text. This is rolling out gradually to the entire population.

Firefox may now import some extensions from Google Chrome ORG when migrating data.

Recently closed tabs persist between sessions, if automatic session restore is not enabled.

Media sniffing is no longer applied to files served as type application/octet-stream.

Windows PRODUCT users may notice that the mouse pointer is no longer displayed. This happens if a specific mouse properties setting (Hide pointer while typing) is enabled on the system.

Firefox is now available in Santali GPE .

Mozilla ORG fixed a scroll position jumping issue on Facebook ORG .

Developer changes

The <input> element no longer supports the non-standard mozactionhint attribute.

The attr() CSS function fallback value is now supported.

The Object.groupBy() and Map.groupBy() static methods are now supported.

The SVG ORG attributes that accept a <length> value now support level 3 CARDINAL length CSS data types for all SVG elements.

The credentialless directive of the Cross-Origin-Embedder-Policy HTTP response header is now supported on desktop platforms.

The Credential Properties Extension ORG (credProps) of the Web Authentication API LAW is supported.

The getAuthenticatorData(), getPublicKeyAlgorithm PERSON (), and getPublicKey() methods of the AuthenticatorAttestationResponse interface are now supported.

Enterprise changes

Security updates / fixes

Mozilla ORG patched a total of 11 CARDINAL different security issues in Firefox 119 LAW . The aggregate severity rating is high, but none of the issues appears to be exploited in the wild.


Firefox 120 and Firefox ORG ESR 115.5 will be released on November 21, 2023 DATE .

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