FIDO Pre-reg is here: What secure, fast passwordless onboarding and account recovery at scale means for your business and end users

Created on November 12, 2023 at 10:27 am

Today DATE , we’re excited to announce a new first ORDINAL -to-market service available with YubiEnterprise Subscription ORG called FIDO Pre-reg, which will transform passwordless onboarding for enterprises and their new employees from day one DATE , and offers secure and fast account recovery and reset experiences as well. Organizations will be able to rapidly establish strong protection against phishing and other modern cyber threats across the organization, significantly reducing risk exposure. Okta and Yubico PRODUCT have partnered together for a Limited Early Access ORG period where Okta customers in the US GPE using Okta Identity Engine ORG ( OIE ORG ), Okta Adaptive MFA ORG (AMFA) and Okta Workflows ORG can take advantage of this new offering. Additional details can be found here.

The FIDO Pre-reg service enables enterprise customers to experience secure passwordless access to their online accounts in minutes TIME using the most secure form of passkey authentication, while reducing the burden on their admins and their users. It eliminates manual user registration, as users can receive YubiKeys that are pre-registered with the organization’s Identity Provider ORG (IdP). Customers can order pre-registered YubiKeys via Yubico PRODUCT ’s YubiEnterprise Subscription ORG program and can raise the bar for security enterprise wide at great speed, allowing users to securely access sensitive systems and data with a fast and easy experience. Users simply need to navigate to a web application or IdP login provided by their IT department, enter in a PIN supplied by IT, and they’re successfully authenticated with a phishing-resistant FIDO2/passkey credential, all without ever needing a password.

A deeper look at the benefits of FIDO Pre-reg

Some organizations have found that they have not been able to accelerate user adoption of modern, phishing-resistant MFA ORG as quickly as they would prefer across the organization. Typically, organizational IT departments register YubiKeys on behalf of their employees/users or require users to self-enroll. This involves an IT or admin to manually register security keys for each employee, one CARDINAL by one, before delivering to the employee in-office or shipping the key to the employee location. This can be time consuming for IT and introduces potential delays for widespread user adoption.

While Yubico PRODUCT offers user self-enrollment options for YubiKeys, it can also be time-consuming for some users as different operating systems and devices often have varying enrollment processes. When organizations empower users to self-register YubiKeys, they are often onboarded with a username and password or temporary passcode via SMS-based one CARDINAL -time passcodes (OTPs) – all of which are phishable and can be easily intercepted.

With FIDO Pre-reg, not only does IT get freed up to focus on other strategic initiatives, users are also delighted by the fast and easy passwordless onboarding experience on day one DATE as they raise the bar for protection on all of their important online accounts and systems effortlessly. Users that receive a secondary backup YubiKey ORG can leverage the service to ensure phishing-resistant MFA ORG is always available, in case of a misplaced or lost device, and avoid using a less secure authentication mechanism.

Having YubiKeys already registered ensures that the user can continue to work and stay productive, while drastically reducing help desk calls. No more stealing credentials using phishing tactics that then lead to ransomware and other damaging attacks due to account takeovers.

Organizations can also enhance their overall supply chain security by registering YubiKeys for their intended users which reduces the risk of someone stealing the YubiKey ORG or computer in transit and then registering it. Greater security, more efficiency, and enhanced user delight, all enabled with the turnkey YubiKey ORG activation service.

As a testament to the need for this service, DigitalOcean’s Information Systems ORG and Security team had this to say about FIDO Pre-reg: “This is awesome! Yubico PRODUCT not only listened but delivered a solution that helps solve our user adoption challenges and reduce cost and overhead at the same time.”

Interested in FIDO Pre-reg? How you can get involved

FIDO Pre-reg is only available through the YubiEnterprise Subscription ORG program which delivers greater business flexibility and agility with a YubiKeys as a Service model, all while lowering cost to entry.

The FIDO Pre-reg program will expand to Early Access ORG in early 2024 DATE with General Availability ORG planned for mid-2024 CARDINAL . YubiKey ORG 5 NFC ORG and YubiKey 5C NFC ORG will be the first ORDINAL keys available with FIDO Pre-reg as part of a Limited Early Access ORG and all YubiKeys will be available at General Availability ORG .

Join us on November 8 DATE for a webinar with Okta LOC to discuss FIDO Pre-reg in more detail – register here. To learn more about how your business can take advantage of the Yubico PRODUCT and Okta ORG partnership, visit here.

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