Enhanced YubiEnterprise Console features enable instant visibility into modern MFA deployments for Yubico channel partners

Yubico PRODUCT prioritizes collaborating closely with our channel partners – both distributors and resellers – to make it easier to sell YubiKeys to customers around the world. Yubico ORG ’s YubiEnterprise Subscription ORG service empowers channel distributors and resellers to quickly and easily deliver YubiKeys-as-a-Service to their customers, helping them accelerate adoption of hardware-based phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication ( MFA ORG ) at scale. Often, distributors and resellers want to be able to provide YubiEnterprise Services ORG to their end customers, or use the services directly on behalf of their end customers for inventory tracking and management.

YubiEnterprise Console PERSON , an intuitive web user interface that works with your phishing-resistant MFA ORG subscription and services, provides easy visibility into YubiKey ORG inventory and more. Today DATE , we’re excited to announce enhanced channel capabilities within the YubiEnterprise Console LOC which enables distributors and resellers to view the subscription plans and tiers their end customers have purchased, as well as the total inventory already shipped and still available to be shipped, to help them understand the subscription consumption and potentially when it’s nearing time to place an order. This makes it easier than ever to manage flexible offerings across many customers.

This improved YubiEnteprise Console PRODUCT access also allows distributors and resellers to see an array of relevant information in order to stay informed and proactive about MFA ORG deployments, and a trusted advisor for their customers. Key highlights include:

Visibility into what was purchased from Yubico PRODUCT for an end customer supported by a distributor or reseller

Image 1 CARDINAL – Inventory view of end customer in the YubiEnterprise PRODUCT console

Image 2 CARDINAL – Form factor details of the end customer in the YubiEnterprise ORG services/console

The distributor enabling their downstream reseller to view the related purchase order inventory in the Console

Image 3 – List of all resellers for that distributor with visualization for who are enabled/disabled to access the YubiEnterprise ORG services/console and view purchase orders

To learn more about the benefits of YubiEnterprise Services ORG and how it can help your business, visit here. For more information on how YubiEnterprise Console LOC works with your subscription and services and how you can get started today DATE , visit here and check out the video below.

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