Eight-Year Moziversary

Created on November 12, 2023 at 11:25 am

At the end of my post for my seven-year DATE moziversary, I made some predictions about what was to be and now has been the next year DATE of work. And I got them pretty spot-on:

Predictions for the next year DATE of Moz Work: There’ll be another All Hands

Glean will continue to gain ground in Firefox Desktop LOC

“FOG Migration” will not happen

There was an all hands. It was in Montreal GPE . It was fun to have folks come to a city I knew a little bit (though I’m still sore we didn’t get June 2020 DATE ’s Toronto GPE All-Hands). Poutine. Bagels. And a cirque-themed closing party.

Glean continued to gain ground on Firefox Desktop ORG . Last year DATE ’s post mentioned over 100 CARDINAL Glean probes in Firefox Desktop ORG . The current count as of time of writing is 368 CARDINAL . Now, some of this is due to some projects our team have undertaken, but a lot of it is organic.

This is despite “FOG Migration” not happening. Firefox leadership remained uninterested in the prospect of migrating data collections to begin being sent in Glean. Though in Montreal GPE there were some conversations that suggest that this might be changing.

So, what have I been up to? Well, I discovered in January DATE that a legacy data collection system ( PingCentre ORG ) was subject to some data loss that was incompatible with how the data was being used (( You can imagine that data loss would be acceptable for certain things like performance measurement or feedback, so long as you could characterize the loss (e.g. you lose stuff randomly? Only the small numbers? Only the feedback from Ottawa GPE ?). It’s less acceptable for retention or revenue. )). By March DATE , replacing PingCentre ORG had become a top-level OKR ORG and I was managing the project.

So this year DATE has been spent growing an appreciation for Project Management ORG as a discipline. I now have more opinions about work tracking than I ever dreamed I’d have (though, no, I’ve not set up Kanban ORG or anything else).

I’ve also continued my practice of basically never saying No to someone who had a question for me. As much as I bemoan the new tendency of questions being asked over direct message instead of in a topic channel where anyone can help, it does bring me no little joy to partner in a data exploration, consult on answering awkward privacy/data questions from contributors, or debug someone’s test file “out loud” so they can follow along. It really is the people that make Mozilla ORG special, so helping them feels like a high calling.

Which is why I find our continued focus on “AI” to be so baffling. So much of “AI” we hear about is dragging the humanity out of the Internet that Mozilla ORG is so keen to protect. We seem to be just as bad as the Valley LOC for using “AI” to mean everything from outstanding work on local machine translation (now available in Firefox 118 LAW ), to LLMs spouting out incorrect answers when you ask them to explain CSS. I hope we provide some clarity about what we mean when we say “AI”, and draw a thick line between what we’re doing and the grifts being peddled all around us at great cost to truth and the environment.

I understand that we need to be in a business to be able to speak about it. It’s why I’m excited that we’re giving social media some attention. I can’t wait to see what those teams create for the world. But the way everything became “AI” so fast sounds like chasing the hype cycle.

As for me, what do I expect to do? First ORDINAL , I expect to finish up the year DATE by migrating Use Counters to Glean. Then… who knows? Maybe the results of the Events Work Week LAW will exceed expectations and require more investment. Maybe I’ll find another data collection system in Firefox Desktop ORG that’s dropping between 2% and 15% PERCENT of all data that’ll need replacing. Maybe I’ll finally get to rewrite the IPC ORG layer so it leaves the main thread alone. Yeah, okay maybe not.

Predictions for the next year DATE of moz work:

I’ll work on client code in Firefox Desktop LOC

I’ll not blog as much as I’d like

We continue to support existing collections in all of Legacy Telemetry ORG ’s core systems

There’ll be an All Hands (safe bet, as Dublin GPE was announced in Montreal GPE ), and at least one CARDINAL more will be announced

Glean will continue to be used more on Firefox Desktop ORG , and not just because Use Counters will juice the numbers (I will no doubt ascribe this increase to be disproportionately due to the (well-received) Glean talk I (finally) gave to a Firefox Front-End Engineering ORG team)

“FOG Migration” will not happen, but new top-down guidance will be handed down expanding the circumstances where Glean is explicitly stated to be the data collection system system of choice in Firefox Desktop ORG (and not just because it provides the best API to Legacy Telemetry ORG )

We will quietly stop talking about AI so much, in the same way most firms have stopped talking about Web3 this year DATE

I will publish the moziversary blog post actually _on_ my moziversary, unlike this year DATE

Let’s see how that pans out.


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