Connecting the Dots

Created on November 12, 2023 at 9:24 am

“Remember that time you sent everyone frozen pizzas?”

“Wait, what?”

One CARDINAL fantastic thing about working at a digital agency that was founded in 1999 DATE is that our established values and traditions often morph into Viget Lore PERSON .

As Viget’s Employee Engagement Manager ORG , it’s my job to connect the dots for new teammates and tenured ones. Twenty three-plus CARDINAL years is a long time and a lot has happened – just look back at some of our article archives. Without good documentation, a kickass People Team ORG , and a culture of transparency and trust, those twenty three years DATE could have easily turned into the longest game of telephone ever… and potentially most wacky.

“Wait, TTT ORG ’s aren’t always on a Thursday DATE ? Isn’t it Third Third Thursday DATE ?”

“What’s with this :florence: emoji?”

“What’s with all the rats?”

“Wait, there is a Viget PERSON band?”

One CARDINAL tool in our toolbox is #viget-lore. #Viget-lore is an official Slack channel ORG that I tell every new teammate about on their first day DATE . It’s a judgment-free place to “Wait, what?” born during a time when we, like many other organizations, were developing and fine-tuning our approaches to remote onboarding, turnover, and distributed teams.

It actually all started with that Viget PERSON band question.

Musical performances are an established Viget PERSON tradition. In 2020 DATE , when we were a fully distributed team, we leaned into that tradition. My talented peers shared live and pre-recorded music with each other during company-wide touchpoints, and sometimes when we didn’t have a new performance to share, we dug into the archives. During one CARDINAL of those occasions, I shared a recording of the Fleetwood Hacks performing at Viget19, the question was asked, and the #viget-lore channel was born.

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