Chrome now shows each active tab’s memory usage!

Created on November 12, 2023 at 11:52 am

This feature provides transparency into Chrome ORG ’s tab throttling behaviors and gives users insight into a site’s memory consumption.

The current usage indicates memory consumed by the page itself along with any background processes. State suspension happens when Memory Saver determines the tab has been inactive for a sufficiently long period.

The new hover cards build on Chrome ORG ’s Memory Saver feature and can also be enabled via about:flags:

The hover cards feature can be manually enabled using about:flags and enabling the “Show memory usage in hovercards” feature.

Memory Saver and Performance Controls

Memory Saver WORK_OF_ART puts inactive tabs to “sleep” by freezing them, so their memory can be freed up for active tabs. This helps improve performance when you have lots of tabs open.

An example of Memory Saver WORK_OF_ART freeing up memory for other tasks.

With the latest release of Chrome ORG on desktop, we’re introducing two CARDINAL new performance settings so Chrome ORG uses up to 40% and 10GB PERCENT less memory to keep your tabs running smoothly, and extend your battery when it’s running low.

Memory Saver is part of a suite of Performance Controls ORG that Chrome ORG has added recently, including Energy Saver ORG to extend battery life. All of these features aim to intelligently optimize Chrome ORG ’s performance and resource usage based on the user’s system constraints.

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