Chrome 117 is here: security update, new design, price tracking and more

Created on November 12, 2023 at 10:37 am

Google ORG has released Google Chrome 117 ORG for all supported platforms today DATE . The new update for the web browser comes just a day DATE after an emergency security update that fixed a critical security issue in the handling of WebP images.


Chrome 117 PRODUCT is also a security update, but it also introduces the long-awaited refresh of the browser’s interface, a scan for potentially unwanted extensions, price tracking and information functionality, and changes to download warning prompts.

Chrome ORG desktop users may select Menu > Help > ORG About Google Chrome ORG to display the installed version. Opening the page executes a check for updates, and Chrome ORG should pick up the version 117 CARDINAL update so that it is downloaded and installed.

The following version should be listed on the page after the installation of the update:

Chrome for Linux and Mac: 117.0.5938.62 CARDINAL

Chrome PERSON for Windows: 117.0.5938.62 CARDINAL or 117.0.5938.63

Chrome PERSON for Android ORG : 117.0.5938.60 CARDINAL

Chrome 117 PRODUCT : the security patches

Google ORG mentions on the official Chrome Releases PERSON blog that it patched 16 CARDINAL unique security issues in the Chrome ORG web browser. One CARDINAL of these is the critical security issue, which Google ORG addressed in a point update for Chrome 116 PRODUCT . The remaining 15 CARDINAL security issues have a severity rating of medium or low.

Google ORG notes that the critical vulnerability continues to be exploited in the wild.

The patches address issues in various Chrome ORG components, including custom tabs, downloads, autofill or picture-in-picture. The full list of vulnerabilities is available on the blog.

Chrome 117 PRODUCT : the new design

Google ORG has been working on a design refresh for Chrome ORG for quite some time. The new design is now available in Chrome 117 ORG .

Google ORG notes on the "what’s new" page that users may customize the look by opening a new tab page and selecting the customize chrome option. While that does open some customization options, it pales in comparison to the customization options that other browsers offer.

The only options in Chrome 117 ORG right now are to change the theme, which changes the color palette, and to decide whether "my shortcuts" and/or "most visited sites" are displayed on the new tab page.

Apart from some interface and icon changes, Google ORG has also updated the main Chrome ORG menu and replaced the traditional lock icon in the address bar with a "tune" icon. This icon allows Chrome ORG users to manage permissions and to review privacy and security items, including cookies.

The last new feature that Google ORG highlights is the new bookmarks item in the side panel. It displays the bookmarks there, but does not seem to offer any new functionality.

Other changes in Chrome 117

Developers ORG may want to check the Chrome Platform Status website, as it lists development-related changes mostly.

Chrome 117 PRODUCT includes a large number of changes that affect users and also Enterprise ORG administration. Support for macOS 10.13 and 10.14 CARDINAL has been dropped in the release.

Google ORG introduces the extension warning system in the browser. It includes options to scan all installed extensions manually and will also run periodic scans to inform users about installed extensions that are no longer available on the Chrome Web Store ORG .

Chrome ORG ‘s download warning dialogs have been redesigned as well to make them "clear and consistent". The text of the prompts as well as icons and colors have been updated in this release. The browser will also show warnings on insecure downloads. These downloads originated from a non-HTTPS connection, e.g., a HTTP connection. The flag chrome://flags/#insecure-download-warnings controls the feature.

Some Chrome ORG users may also see user experience prompts after Safe Browsing ORG displayed a warning in the browser.

Another new feature is the integration of price tracking and price insights. Price Tracking kicks in when a Chrome ORG user bookmarks a page that contains a "price-trackable product", according to Google ORG . Google Chrome ORG will keep track of the price of the item automatically by default. The ShoppingListEnabled policy may be used to control the feature.

Price Insights PERSON is the second ORDINAL ecommerce feature. It is available to "some users" only at this point. Chrome displays price information in the address bar, when the feature is enabled. It may, for instance, display "price is low" to indicate a good price for a product based on the price history.

Other changes in Chrome 117 PRODUCT

Here is a short list of other changes in the new Chrome ORG release:

Network service is sandboxed on Linux PRODUCT and ChromeOS ORG , which improves security. Google ORG points out that third ORDINAL -party software that injects code into Chrome ORG may be blocked by the feature and that it may lead to crashes. The policy NetworkServiceSandboxEnabled may be used to turn the feature off.

Chrome Sync PERSON is no longer shown as a separate feature in Settings in Chrome WORK_OF_ART . It is instead linked directly to signing-in with a Google Account ORG . The polices SyncDisabled ORG and SyncTypesListDisabled, as well as BrowserSignin ORG , remain available.

Re-auth is required when opening the password manage in Chrome ORG for iOS.

Chrome ORG on Android ORG ‘s trackpad support has been improved.

TLS ORG SHA-1 server signatures are deprecated. This policy may override the deprecation until the release of Chrome 123 PRODUCT .

Now You: what is your take on the new design and functionality?

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