California (the Song)

Created on November 12, 2023 at 11:14 am

Spending time in quarantine with Covid is the pits. I must say it’s amazing it took me three years DATE to catch the dang thing. But here I sit, in a basement, with faint sounds of the family carrying on about upstairs.

I decided to spend a few minutes TIME trying my hand at recording. It’s been decades DATE (read: since college) that I’ve laid down tracks and, whoo boy, is the tech different than it was back in 1999 DATE . I mean, it’s just GarageBand, but even that is amazingly more powerful than anything I’ve worked with.

You just happen to be in the sorry position of reading this while I’m bored, curious, and in an uncharacteristically sharing mood. So, here’s “ California GPE ” by Tom Petty PERSON in the key of slop.

Sorry, Tom PERSON .

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