Brave Browser maker lays off 9% of its workforce

Created on November 12, 2023 at 11:03 am

Brave Software ORG , maker of Brave Browser and Brave Search ORG , confirmed that it has laid off 9% PERCENT of its workforce. Brave Software ORG was founded in 2015 DATE . The private company has seen significant growth ever since it launched the first ORDINAL version of Brave Browser ORG in 2016 DATE .


Brave Browser ORG is a privacy-focused Chromium ORG -based web browser. The company and its browser are not without criticism though. Especially the integration of Brave Rewards, an advertising system that rewards users for viewing advertisement with BAT ORG , Basic Attention Token, currency has been the focus of criticism.

The system is entirely optional though and supporters of Brave Browser ORG highlight the browser’s privacy and security systems, which work out of the box in many cases.

A Brave ORG spokesperson told Techcrunch ORG that the layoffs were part of the company’s cost management in a "challenging economic environment". Brave did not reveal the number of employees that it let go. The company’s LinkedIn ORG page lists 229 CARDINAL employees, but those are probably only those that are on LinkedIn ORG and linked to the company. Taking the figure, it would mean that Brave Software ORG let go at least 20 CARDINAL employees.

Brave Browser and Brave Search ORG have seen considerable growth. Brave Software’s ORG Transparency Data Feed lists 63.86 million CARDINAL active users and 22.96 CARDINAL

daily DATE active users for the month of August 2023 DATE .

Three years ago DATE , Brave ORG claimed that it had 7 million CARDINAL

daily DATE active users and 20.5 million CARDINAL

monthly DATE active users.

The company has expanded its portfolio of products and revenue generating options. Besides Brave Browser and its BAT ORG system, Brave Software ORG has launched Brave Search ORG . Brave Search is an independently run search engine, which the company introduced in 2021 DATE .

Brave Search ORG is supported by what Brave Software ORG calls privacy preserving ads. These ads or the search engine do not track users. Brave Software ORG launched a search API as well, which offers access to the database starting at $ 3 MONEY per 1000 CARDINAL queries.

The most recent company product is LEO ORG , an AI ORG chat assistant that the company has integrated into Brave Browser ORG . Leo PERSON is free to use, but Brave Software ORG announced plans to introduce a paid tier in the future.

Brave Software ORG is a private company and it is unclear how well it is doing because of that. It is not the only company that announced rounds off layoffs. Microsoft ORG , Meta ORG or Google ORG have all laid off employees in the past two year period DATE .

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