Brave Browser 1.60 launches with Leo AI and security improvements

Created on November 12, 2023 at 11:01 am

Brave Browser 1.60 CARDINAL is now available. The latest version of the Chromium ORG -based web browser introduces Brave Software’s ORG

Leo AI PERSON to all desktop users. It is not the only change though, as users who upgrade will also benefit from security improvements and some other changes.


Brave 1.60 CARDINAL is available already and users should receive it through the automatic updating feature. Those who can’t wait to get their hands on the new browser version may select Menu > Help > About Brave ORG or load brave://settings/help in the address bar directly to download the latest update immediately. The page lists the current version as well.

Leo PERSON is here, but not for everyone (yet)

The main new feature of Brave 1.60 is Leo PERSON . It is an AI that Brave tested for some time in Nightly DATE and development builds of Brave PRODUCT .

Now, Leo PERSON is being rolled out to the entire desktop population. Only 20% PERCENT of all users get a chance to use Leo PERSON immediately, the remaining PERCENT

80% PERCENT will have to wait a couple of days DATE before they may access the feature as well.

Brave users may notice a new Leo PERSON icon in the address bar and also in the Brave Sidebar ORG once Leo PERSON is enabled on their system.

Brave Leo PERSON is a free service at its core. With the introduction of Leo, Brave Software ORG is also introducing Brave Leo Premium ORG . One CARDINAL of the main advantages of the paid upgrade is that users do get access to Claude Instant PERSON , another AI language model.

Brave Software ORG explains that Leo PERSON may help users "with all sorts of tasks". The company lists the AI ORG ‘s ability to create "real-time summaries of webpages and videos", answer questions or generate new content as features. Brave Leo can also translate webpages, analyze them, rewrite content and do more.

Brave Software ORG promises that Leo PERSON can help users who are "looking for information, trying to solve a problem, or creating content".

Leo PERSON follows the same privacy principles as Brave. According to Brave Software ORG , "chats with Leo PERSON are private, anonymous, and secure". Chats are not recorded and not used for model training. Also, there is no account or login requirement to start using Leo PERSON .

The free version of Leo PERSON is based on Meta ORG ‘s Llama 2 language model. The premium version, available for $ 15 MONEY per month, adds Anthropic ORG ‘s Claude Instant PERSON as a language model.

Brave Software ORG promises that Premium users will gain access to additional language models in the future. Also, Premium users benefit from "higher rate limits, higher-quality conversations, priority queuing during periods of peak usage, and early access to new features and improvements".

Brave Leo PERSON and privacy

Brave Software ORG highlights some of the privacy techniques and protections that it has implemented for Leo PERSON specifically.

All Leo PERSON requests use a reverse proxy to ensure that requests and user IP addresses can’t be linked. Since Leo PERSON does not require a login, the IP ORG address would be one of the main identifying factors. Conversations with Leo PERSON are not persistent either. Leo PERSON ‘s responses are discarded immediately according to Brave and not used for model training.

Leo Premium PERSON users get "unlinkable tokens" that validate their subscriptions. These tokens provide access to premium content without giving Brave Software ORG the ability to link purchase details to usage of the product.

Additional information about Leo PERSON is available here.

Brave 1.60 CARDINAL : quick overview of other changes

The official release notes list a number of other changes and improvements. Notable are fixes for Tor ORG tab and WebTorrent PERSON redirect issues and the moving of two CARDINAL Settings pages.

New Tab ORG page configurations are now located under brave://settings/getStarted and Social Blocking ORG is available under brave://settings/shields.

The Brave VPN services continue to be installed on user devices, even if Brave users don’t use the VPN. You can check this guide on removing the VPN ORG button from Brave. While it won’t address the service installation issue on Windows ORG , it does remove an icon from the toolbar that you may not use.

Brave Software ORG promised to change the behavior of installing the VPN services on Windows ORG after we broke the news.

Now You: have you tried Brave recently or Leo PERSON ?

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