Blobs in Games: Writing HTML by hand

Created on November 12, 2023 at 11:45 am

Tuesday, September 19, 2023 DATE

I write some of my pages using a markup language ( emacs NORP org-mode) and other pages using xhtml PERSON , with a few extra x:* tags that get expanded out into html later. I was curious, when I write html by hand, which tags do I use? I used Python ORG ‘s elementtree to get the answer:

3085 CARDINAL p 2466 CARDINAL a 2303 li 1042 em 1008 code 876 CARDINAL span 719 CARDINAL x: section 517 LAW br 454 CARDINAL div 446 CARDINAL strong 424 CARDINAL h3 410 CARDINAL figure 359 CARDINAL ul 358 CARDINAL script 331 CARDINAL img 323 CARDINAL pre 262 CARDINAL td 249 CARDINAL x:document 228 CARDINAL x:footer 219 g QUANTITY

A lot of what I write is explanations in <p> paragraphs and <ul> <li> lists. And I try to include lots of <a> links to other supporting documents. I do try to use the semantic <em> and <strong> instead of the visual <i> and <b> . These results didn’t surprise me much.

Here’s the code (roughly):

tag_counts = collections.Counter() for doc in documents: tree = etree.fromstring(doc.contents) for el in tree. iter (): tag_counts [ el.tag] += 1 WORK_OF_ART for (tag, count) in tag_counts.most_common(20): print (f " {count:5} {tag} " )

Do you write HTML by hand? If so, what tags do you use most?

Update: [ 2023-09-20 DATE ] Some people commented on HackerNews ORG about how they write their HTML, including some debate over closing tags, HTML vs XHTML, and markup languages.

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