Birthday Week recap: everything we announced — plus an AI-powered opportunity for startups

Created on November 12, 2023 at 10:36 am

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This year DATE , Cloudflare ORG officially became a teenager, turning 13 years old DATE . We celebrated this milestone with a series of announcements that benefit both our customers and the Internet community.

From developing applications in the age of AI to securing against the most advanced attacks that are yet to come, Cloudflare ORG is proud to provide the tools that help our customers stay one CARDINAL step ahead.

We hope you’ve had a great time following along and for anyone looking for a recap of everything we launched this week DATE , here it is:

Monday DATE

What In a sentence… Switching to Cloudflare ORG can cut emissions by up to 96% PERCENT Switching enterprise network services from on-prem to Cloudflare ORG can cut related carbon emissions by up to 96% PERCENT . Cloudflare Trace Use Cloudflare Trace to see which rules and settings are invoked when an HTTP request for your site goes through our network. Cloudflare Fonts Introducing Cloudflare Fonts. Enhance privacy and performance for websites using Google Fonts PRODUCT by loading fonts directly from the Cloudflare ORG network. How Cloudflare intelligently routes traffic Technical deep dive that explains how Cloudflare ORG uses machine learning to intelligently route traffic through our vast network. Low Latency Live Streaming Cloudflare Stream’s LL-HLS ORG support is now in open beta. You can deliver video to your audience faster, reducing the latency a viewer may experience on their player to as little as 3 seconds PERCENT . Account permissions for all Cloudflare ORG account permissions are now available to all customers, not just Enterprise. In addition, we’ll show you how you can use them and best practices. Incident Alerts Customers ORG can subscribe to Cloudflare Incident Alerts ORG and choose when to get notified based on affected products and level of impact.

Tuesday DATE

Wednesday DATE

Thursday DATE

Friday DATE

What In a sentence… Post Quantum Cryptography ORG goes GA Cloudflare ORG is rolling out post-quantum cryptography support to customers, services, and internal systems to proactively protect against advanced attacks. Encrypted Client Hello Announcing a contribution that helps improve privacy for everyone on the Internet. Encrypted Client Hello, a new standard that prevents networks from snooping on which websites a user is visiting, is now available on all Cloudflare ORG plans. Email Retro Scan Cloudflare customers can now scan messages within their Office 365 Inboxes ORG for threats. The Retro Scan will let you look back seven days DATE to see what threats your current email security tool has missed. Turnstile is Generally Available Turnstile, Cloudflare ORG ’s CAPTCHA ORG replacement, is now generally available and available for free to everyone and includes unlimited use. AI crawler bots Any Cloudflare ORG user, on any plan, can choose specific categories of bots that they want to allow or block, including AI crawlers. We are also recommending a new standard to robots.txt that will make it easier for websites to clearly direct how AI bots can and can’t crawl.

Detecting zero-days DATE before zero-day DATE Deep dive into Cloudflare ORG ’s approach and ongoing research into detecting novel web attack vectors in our WAF before they are seen by a security researcher. Privacy Preserving Metrics Deep dive into the fundamental concepts behind the Distributed Aggregation Protocol LAW ( DAP ORG ) protocol with examples on how we’ve implemented it into Daphne PERSON , our open source aggregator server. Post-quantum cryptography to origin We are rolling out post-quantum cryptography support for outbound connections to origins and Cloudflare Workers ORG fetch() calls. Learn more about what we enabled, how we rolled it out in a safe manner, and how you can add support to your origin server today DATE . Network performance update Cloudflare ORG ’s updated benchmark results regarding network performance plus a dive into the tools and processes that we use to monitor and improve our network performance.

One CARDINAL More Thing

When Cloudflare ORG turned 12 CARDINAL

last year DATE , we announced the Workers Launchpad Funding Program ORG – you can think of it like a startup accelerator program for companies building on Cloudlare’s Developer Platform ORG , with no restrictions on your size, stage, or geography.

A refresher on how the Launchpad ORG works: Each quarter DATE , we admit a group of startups who then get access to a wide range of technical advice, mentorship, and fundraising opportunities. That includes our Founders Bootcamp, Open Office Hours with our Solution Architects, and Demo Day DATE . Those who are ready to fundraise will also be connected to our community of 40 CARDINAL + leading global Venture Capital ORG firms.

In exchange, we just ask for your honest feedback. We want to know what works, what doesn’t and what you need us to build for you. We don’t ask for a stake in your company, and we don’t ask you to pay to be a part of the program.

Targum PERSON (my startup) was one CARDINAL of the first ORDINAL AI companies (w/ @jamdotdev ) in the Cloudflare ORG workers launchpad!

In return to tons of stuff we got from CF 🙏 ORG they asked for feedback, and my main one was, let me do everything end to end on CF GPE , I don’t want to rent GPU ORG servers… — Alex Volkov PERSON (@altryne) September 27 DATE , 2023

Over the past year DATE , we’ve received applications from nearly 60 CARDINAL different countries. We’ve had a chance to work closely with 50 CARDINAL amazing early and growth-stage startups admitted into the first ORDINAL

two CARDINAL cohorts, and have grown our VC ORG partner community to 40 CARDINAL + firms and more than $2 billion MONEY in potential investments in startups building on Cloudflare ORG .

Next up: Cohort #3! Between recently wrapping up Cohort #2 (check out their Demo Day EVENT !), celebrating the Launchpad ORG ’s 1st ORDINAL birthday, and the heaps of announcements we made last week DATE , we thought that everyone could use a little extra time to catch up on all the news – which is why we are extending the deadline for Cohort # 3 MONEY

a few weeks DATE to October 13, 2023 DATE . AND we’re reserving 5 CARDINAL spots in the class for those who are already using any of last Wednesday DATE ’s AI ORG announcements. Just be sure to mention what you’re using in your application.

So once you’ve had a chance to check out the announcements and pour yourself a cup of coffee, check out the Workers Launchpad ORG . Applying is a breeze — you’ll be done long before your coffee gets cold.

Until next time

That’s all for Birthday Week 2023 DATE . We hope you enjoyed the ride, and we’ll see you at our next innovation week!

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