Auto-Saving Rich Text with RhinoEditor

Created on November 12, 2023 at 11:53 am

October 27, 2023 DATE Permalink

I feel like at various times over the years DATE , all I’ve wanted is an attractive, drop-in rich text editor which can also auto-save by posting the form it’s in. Easy to use, easy to style, easy to customize.

Well, Konnor Rogers PERSON (who never ceases to amaze me) to the rescue! His new RhinoEditor component was built to be a replacement for Trix PERSON , a popular editor from Basecamp FAC which may be easy to use for the public but is not so easy to customize and work with from the developer side. While it offers support for Rails ORG ActionText ORG framework, you can actually use it apart from Rails ORG easily as long as you don’t need file attachments (which I didn’t for the Notes PRODUCT editor I just launched over at The Spicy Web Courses EVENT ).

Here’s a CodePen demonstrating how you can load it up, wrap it in a form, tweak some styles along with disabling file attachments, and generally get it working with minimal fuss.

I’m quite excited about RhinoEditor (which itself is built on top of the solid foundation of ProseMirror / TipTap ORG ) because it looks slick and it’s delivered as a web component—which means you can drop it right in pretty much anywhere. Groovy. 😎

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