Another Google Search bug in iOS Safari

Created on November 12, 2023 at 11:11 am

Another Google Search ORG bug in iOS Safari PERSON

September 11 2023 DATE

Last month DATE I asked, How do I report a Google Search ORG bug? In retrospect, it appears that blogging was an effective method of reporting a Google Search ORG bug, because that bug appears to be fixed now! So I’m going to try again this month DATE with a new bug. Once again, this Google Search ORG bug affects Safari ORG on iOS. Let me illustrate the bug with screenshots. I start on the Google Search ORG page.

For convenience, I select a trending search.

Now I tap in the search field, to the right of the search phrase.

But the cursor is not inserted to the left of the search phrase; instead it’s inserted to the right! This makes it more difficult to edit.

Notice that the same bug does not occur on macOS. When I click to the right of the search phrase, the cursor is also inserted to the right.

By the way, I’ve noticed a third ORDINAL

Google Search ORG bug, although this one is not on iOS but rather on macOS, affecting Chrome ORG , Firefox ORG , and Safari ORG . The bug is that Google Search ORG doesn’t recognize the system dark mode until you reload the page.

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