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Created on November 12, 2023 at 10:42 am

Why Use an Ad Blocker for Android? · 2023-10 DATE -25 17:00 by Adblock Plus

Android ORG users are no exception when it comes to browsing the web and encountering numerous distractions. Especially distractions like pop-ups and other intrusive advertising. Using an ad blocker for Android ORG like ABP ORG for Samsung ORG Internet is the key to blocking ads while you browse with your Android ORG device. And with “Adblock Plus“, you can prevent unwanted ad tracking, too.

Block Ads with an Ad Blocker for Android

When you use ABP ORG for Samsung ORG Internet, you’ll begin blocking intrusive ads and pop-ups right away.

Prevent Unwanted Ad Tracking with an Ad Blocker for Android

To block ads on Android ORG :

Whenever you browse the web using your Android ORG device, advertisers are tracking your browsing behavior. Ad trackers are prevalent on most websites and they collect your personal information. This includes things like what sites you visit, your search history, your personal preferences, age, and location. All of this information is then used to target you with ads.

Open the ABP ORG for Samsung ORG Internet app. On the Homepage, click More blocking options. Choose Block additional tracking, Block social media icons tracking, or both!

To block trackers while you browse:blocks the trackers advertisers use to know what sites you visit. Using this filter list may cause issues on sites that rely on third ORDINAL -party trackers, like many banking sites do. You can typically work around that by adding those sites to your allowlist . Keep in mind that allowlisting a site will unblock ads on the site as well.

The Block social media icons tracking option removes social media buttons that track your browsing activity on web pages. Please note that subscribing to this list can break some website functionality such as links to social media sites or sign-in options that rely on Facebook ORG or other social media.

Support Content Creators with an Ad Blocker for Android ORG

ABP ORG for Samsung ORG Internet puts even more control of your internet experience in your hands by allowing you to support the content creators that you personally love. Many content creators depend on ad revenue to survive, and if there’s one you want to support by seeing ads, we’ve got you covered.

Open the ABP ORG for Samsung ORG Internet app. On the Homepage, click Add websites to the allowlist. Click the blue and white plus sign icon. Enter the web address in the text box and click OK.

To support a specific website, add it to your allowlist by following these steps:Adding a site to your allowlist ORG means that whenever you visit this site in the future, ads will be shown. If you change your mind, simply remove the site from your allowlist.

You can also choose to pause Adblock Plus ORG temporarily while browsing the web. This will turn all ad blocking off while you browse.


In your browser, tap the browser menu ( three CARDINAL vertical lines in the bottom right corner). Click Ad blockers. Next to ABP ORG for Samsung ORG Internet, turn the toggle off (from blue to gray). Turn ABP for Samsung ORG Internet from blue (on) to gray (off) to stop ad blocking.

To pausefor Samsung ORG Internet:

If you’re wondering why you should use an ad blocker for Android ORG , the answer is simple: to enjoy browsing the web from your Android ORG device. Use ABP ORG for Samsung ORG Internet to block pop-ups, intrusive ads, and ad trackers. And don’t forget to support your favorite content creators! To give ABP ORG for Samsung ORG Internet a try, Samsung Galaxy ORG users can download ABP ORG from the Galaxy PRODUCT store. Android ORG users with other devices can find us on the Google ORG Play store. And if you have any questions, check out our Help Desk ORG or reach out to our support team at [email protected]. We’re here for you!

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