A New WordPress Showcase

Created on November 12, 2023 at 10:44 am

The journey to update WordPress.org continues with the launch of a new Showcase ORG design. The Showcase ORG is a natural starting point for visitors arriving on WordPress.org, and it both inspires creativity and demonstrates what’s possible with WordPress ORG . From unique personal blogs and portfolios to enterprises and celebrity fan sites, the Showcase ORG celebrates WordPress ORG ’s flexibility, popularity, and the freedom to own one’s content.

This new design provides much-needed improvements to the aesthetics and user experience. It emphasizes bold visuals and a more dynamic browsing experience through tags and categories. Individual site pages now include desktop and mobile screenshots, while the site introduces an improved layout on mobile devices.

This redesign also brings new block-based functionality and several components that will be used elsewhere on WordPress.org. All of this was made possible through collaboration between Design, Marketing ORG , and Meta ORG teams. Thank you to everyone.

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If you would like to propose a change or report an issue, please do so in the wporg ORG -showcase-2022 GitHub repository. Also, make sure to join the # CARDINAL website-redesign Slack ORG channel if you are interested in additional updates coming to WordPress.org and want to contribute.

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