7 ways to celebrate Native American Heritage Month with Google

Created on November 12, 2023 at 10:24 am

My great-grandfather was Chief Sam George PERSON of the Nooksack Indian NORP tribe. During his time as Chief, he championed our tribe by speaking to governmental bodies like the United States Congress ORG and what is now known as the Bureau of Indian Affairs ORG to secure healthcare, housing and education for his people. He focused on the most fundamental and pressing issues of his time, using the tools he had, knowing that improvement on those fronts would benefit future generations.

Through my work at Google ORG and as one of the global leads of the Google Aboriginal and ORG

Indigenous Network ORG ( GAIN ORG ) employee resource group, I’m also in a position to help my community, using Google ORG ’s technology to bring their businesses online, connect them with resources to build digital skills and more.

As November DATE unfolds, we embark on a month-long DATE celebration of Native American NORP heritage, and Google ORG is honoring Indigenous NORP cultures through our products and services. Here’s how we’re honoring and amplifying Indigenous NORP voices throughout the month DATE .

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