Russel Brand, narcissism, and a sadly common pattern…

By admin
A narcissist is given a pass in the workplace because they perform a useful function for higher-ups. People in a position below narcissist raise concerns to higher-ups explaining that said narcissist is abusing their position and exhibiting narcissistic tendencies.

This is an inconvenient and difficult possibility for higher-ups to contemplate or deal with, so these concerns are not acted upon. Said narcissist is performing useful function after all.

As narcissist continues to provide useful function for higher-ups, they are rewarded with more power and agency by higher ups, providing more freedom for narcissist to abuse their position of growing power.

Eventually levels of abuse reach a point of revelation. Horror and shock abound and everyone ‘outside’ merely spectating wonders, ‘why didn’t anybody do the right thing?’

This pattern is now so common, there should be no excuses ignoring it in future.

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely”

“An appeaser is someone who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat them last”

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