Digital Accessibility Books

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Following on from my earlier blog post on

Digital Accessibility Blogs and Newsletters

, I was asked if I could recommend any good books and podcasts on digital accessibility. This post will focus on books.

Books?! Are you kidding? Who reads books any more, right?

While it’s true that books in print can go out of date, and sometimes very quickly, the funny thing is that more books keep getting published, and bought. Personally, I still like to have a good technical book propped open next to my laptop as I test out some code samples. Others may like to have an ebook open while they code.

What follows is not an exhaustive list, by any means, just books I’ve come across that are relatively recent, of high quality, and that I’ve found to be particularly useful. Most of the publishers referred to have more books in stock that relate to digital accessibility to greater or lesser degrees, and they are definitely worth exploring.

Some of these books are specific about technologies, some focus on particular content types, some have a lot of code and markup, some have very little and focus instead on principles and the bigger picture.

I’ve listed the formats in which these books are available, but I haven’t included the price as that can vary from format to format. Some have free downloads or are free to read online. Some publishers also include titles in thematic bundles that can also affect the purchase price.

The descriptions come from the publisher or author. These are not reviews, so I’ve used their words.